Nichupté bridge in Cancun starts construction


The Municipal Transit Directorate informes to take due precautions. Work will begin on Friday, July 15.

The wait is over, through an official statement, Municipal Transit and the Benito Juárez City Council announced that on Friday, July 15 of this year, they will begin the work of coves and surveys for the work of the Nichupté bridge by the ICA company.

The work will be carried out in the road distributor on Kabah and Bonampak avenues, in the city of Cancun. To avoid setbacks, they invite you to take all precautions and delays in the daily work of citizens.

What jobs will they do?

Announcement of the start of works on the Nichupté bridge in Cancun
Announcement of the start of works on the Nichupté bridge in Cancun

These first works of the Nichupté bridge will be for a previous study of the land, for which the coves and drillings are necessary.

According to representatives of the City Council, the coves are excavations, some deep and others not so deep, this in order to know the composition of the land, mainly the depth in which the area is located, verify the firmness of the ground.

While the probes are to recognize the subsoil, these are used to reach more extreme depths and the objective is to extract samples of the soil layers, to have a detailed knowledge of the composition of the terrain.

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