Five Amazing Facts About Mexico


Mexico, AKA United Mexican States, is one of the most popular countries in not only on the North American continent but also across the world. When people think about Mexico, they think about Mariachis, tacos, cacti, and amazing beaches. These are some of the many things that this beautiful country is popular for. But there are some facts about the country you don’t know, in this article from real money online casino Australia, we will be exploring some of them.

Dinosaur-wiping meteorite struck Mexico.

One of the most fascinating histories about Mexico was that the meteorite that wiped out the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago struck the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan. But this was only discovered by the employees of the state oil company PEMEX in 1981 when a 180-square meters crater was found while drilling an oil well. Quite fascinating.

The country is home to the largest pyramid in the world.

When you think about pyramids, you think about Egypt. However, the African country doesn’t house the world’s largest pyramid, the Mexican Federal State Puebla is the largest pyramid in the world. It features a height of 66 metres, a 400-metre base and a total volume of 4.5 million cubic metres. The pyramid is larger than the famous pyramid of Giza despite being less popular than the latter. The reason for its little fame is because it is situated under a mountain – almost hidden from the world. It has a church built by the Spaniard conquerors built on top of the pyramid. What is flashier than that?

Mexico City ranks second amongst cities with the largest number of museums.

Mexico City is home to many museums which also serve as a source of attraction to tourists across the world. From the amazing Metropolitan Cathedral to the remains of Aztec constructions, Mexico has a lot to offer when it comes to the preservation of culture. Mexico has over 170 museums that are being visited regularly by both tourists and residents of the country, and this made it the second largest city in museum-talking terms. Only London is ranked higher as it has 200 museums.

Mexico consumes a lot of Coca-Cola.

The average Mexican consumes 163 litres of Coca-Cola annually. This rate can only be found in Mexican according to several surveys that have been made. You can sip your Coca-Cola while playing games from best Canada online casinos.

Mexico: Latin America’s most visited tourist destination.

World Tourism Organization reported that Mexico is the Latin American country with the highest number of tourists and is currently ranked number 10 in the world. This, however, should come as no surprise to you as the North American country is known for its diversity in nature and culture.

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