Republicans and Democrats accuse AMLO of putting US interest at risk


Andrés Manuel López Obrador‘s tour in the United States went well, but not so well. Which in politics means that it actually went wrong.

It was not disastrous, of course, but it was not a bed of roses for the Mexican president either: to begin with, he suffered several rudenesses from a Biden hurt by the boycott of the Summit of the Americas last month.

The main rudeness was not going out to receive López Obrador during his arrival at the White House: a protocol that even Donald Trump complied with when the Mexican first came to the venue.

AMLO’s entrance to the official residence gave the impression that it had been through the back door.

The legislators charged that the Mayan Train and Dos Bocas allegedly receive financing from China, in addition to the fact that Mexico is one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists.

Senators from the Republican Party launched “with everything” against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador … who is currently in the middle of a tour of the United States.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bill Hagerty, Bill Cassidy, and Jim Risch presented a resolution condemning the government of the Mexican president on energy, economic, political, immigration and security issues, in addition to accusing him of affecting shared interests between Mexico and the United States.

In the document, US legislators accuse López Obrador of building bridges with China, with Russia, of wanting to undermine autonomous Mexican institutions such as the IFT, Cofece, INE, CRE, in addition to the fact that crime has intensified in the country. and the confrontations between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel are a threat to the American Union.

Likewise, they point to Mexico as being one of the most dangerous nations to practice journalism, for not respecting the USMCA agreements, in addition to the fact that the Mayan Train and the Dos Bocas refinery, star projects of the 4T, have received alleged financing from the People’s Republic of China, although they did not present evidence to support that accusation. 

Added to this Republican statement is the fact by a group of Democrats, led by Senator Bob Menendez, who condemned the violence against journalists in Mexico.

What do the legislators accuse AMLO of?

In the eight-page resolution, the Republicans list a series of complaints against the government of President López Obrador.

Among the main concerns of legislators is that AMLO undermined cooperation with the DEA to combat drug trafficking, and has attacked autonomous institutions such as the National Electoral Institute and the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), in addition to falling short to control security in Mexico.

They also point out that the Mexican government has not made sufficient efforts to control fentanyl trafficking, has had rapprochements with China, and refused to join the sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine.

In the text, the legislators urge Biden to take measures to address the humanitarian crisis on the border with Mexico and to take measures to defend the economic interests of the United States, and to maintain the integrity of the USMCA.

Likewise, they urge President López Obrador to combat the trafficking of opiates and synthetic drugs, to address the migration crisis, to respect the USMCA agreements, maintain the independence of the Mexican autonomous bodies and keep the “negative” influence at bay. from China and Russia.

Mexico Daily Post