Uber: A permit is not required to provide service to and from the Mexico City Airport (AICM)


The company reiterated its commitment to users at the country’s airports who use the Uber platform to move efficiently.

Through a message sent to its users, the Uber transportation platform confirmed that its service is still available to its customers at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). 

“We want to confirm that nothing has changed and that the Uber app is still available at the Mexico City International Airport.” 

The AICM announced that transportation apps such as Uber and Didi will not be able to operate in the terminals, otherwise, a fines will have to be paid

The threat of possible fines of up to 43 thousand pesos were announced for taking a taxi from the AICM application.

“For your peace of mind, it is important that you know that, in accordance with the current legal framework, for the provision of private transport services through the Uber app in the AICM, no permit is required, so that no related sanction is applicable,” he added.

Through social networks, users of the Mexico City International Airport ( AICM ) have shared their discontent after the airport did not allow them to board Uber and Didi units, as well as other transportation applications, because they did not are authorized to operate within the AICM terminals; if they do, they may be subject to a fine

And it is that it was through a statement shared on the AICM social networks, the airport announced that only authorized taxis are allowed to be used in the terminals. Directly affecting not only airport users, but also Uber and Didi drivers, which are the applications that operate the most in the AICM. In addition, a sign with the following description was placed at the airport: 

As if that were not enough, in recent days inside terminals 1 and 2 there has been greater surveillance, this to prevent Uber and Didi from operating at the airport, at least that is how users have denounced it on social networks. Given this, some users have had to approach these units in an area far from the airport to avoid the fine; however, Uber has made it clear that users are free to request the service that best suits them.

The position of the AICM

Despite the fact that there is a sign in terminals 1 and 2 of the airport, it has not issued an official statement in which it speaks of the measure that has been taken, however, it has shared its position regarding taxis, since, through its social networks, it published a video in which AICM users are asked to use only authorized taxis at the terminals.

In this video, the AICM mentions that this measure was chosen above all for the safety of users. 
Despite this, app services such as Uber have shared that they are open to dialogue, reiterating that each user is free to choose the service that suits them.

Taking this into account, the company reiterated its commitment to the thousands of users in the country’s airports who use the Uber platform to move efficiently and reliably to the place they arrive.

“We invite you to continue using the Uber app. If you need assistance related to the provision of the private transportation service using the Uber app in the AICM, contact us,” the message concludes.

As will be recalled, several users complained through their social networks that the taxi service at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), likewise assured them that they were warned that it is not allowed to request an application taxi such as Uber, Didi, Cabify or Beat from the terminal, since it is a federal zone.

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