Puerto Vallarta will reinforce the operational SETRAN-vs-pirate taxis


The Secretary of Transportation of Jalisco, Diego Monraz Villaseñor, reported that they will be intensifying operations against pirate transportation that takes advantage of the summer vacation period to work in Puerto Vallarta.

He commented that there is a permanent operation in this city but it will be reinforced during this vacation period so that the “swallows” do not come to cause disorder. Since they only come for a few seasons and this puts the users of Puerto Vallarta at risk by not being sure who is providing the service, whether it is a taxi or a platform.

“As you know, we have already begun to take the second step in the registration of platforms that already include QR identification, so we hope that in this summer vacation period we will already be completing that stage so that we can identify very well who does not have QR, otherwise in the coming months it will already be an irregular or pirate vehicle”.

He commented that in coordination and support with the Municipal Transit Directorate and the State Police, they will be reinforcing that supervision.

“Uber and DiDi are the only Transport Network companies that have authorization, they are the ones that meet all the requirements and are the ones that give us certainty of security for them, users and tourists.”

He pointed out that only two incidents have been recorded with pirate transport and that they were reported and are from digital platforms. That is why he urged citizens not to use, for example, InDriver since it is still irregular in this city, although there is already an approach with the company so far they have not gathered the necessary documentation.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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