Residents of Merida’s La Plancha neiboorhood live in fear of being “taken out” of their homes


They assure that Fonatur has already tried to force an appraisal of their homes.

About eleven families with the same number of homes that are located on the land in the area known as “La Plancha” on Calle 43 A, are in some uncertainty regarding the possible relocation and eviction of the properties of that space, which they assure they were given to their relatives, who worked as railroad workers several decades ago.

After holding a meeting this Friday in the “Article 123” Park in front of their homes, the affected neighbors reported that on Tuesday, June 28, personnel from the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) went to said place to request authorization for the appraisal from each of the eleven properties on that street.

However, they alleged that no one signed said document because they are somewhat afraid since the request mentions that they accept said appraisal for the eviction of what they assured, it is the patrimony of their relatives for several years.

“We agree with the development, but we ask that it be fair,” said one of the complainants, while another neighbor replied that “We do not want to be evicted, we want to stay in our homes.”

After the visit of the Fonatur staff, until yesterday they had not returned.

They fear losing their houses in La Plancha

The neighbors acknowledged that they do not have the document that assesses the ownership of these homes, but they assured that they do have possession of them; They said that there are deeds since these houses were built on loan in the 1940s since it is land of federal origin, they recalled.

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