The Importance of Proper Sizing and Measuring for UK Composite Doors


When it comes to giving your home a facelift, few things are as impactful as a brand-new door. And not just any door, but a composite door. Known for their durability, security, and aesthetic appeal, composite doors are a favorite among homeowners across the UK. 

But here’s the kicker: even the highest quality door can become a headache if it’s not the right size. That’s where the magic of proper sizing and measuring comes into play. And who better to guide you through this process than the experts at

Why Size Matters? 

First things first, let’s talk about why size is so crucial. Imagine ordering a custom suit without taking your measurements. The result? A fashion disaster. The same goes for composite doors. 

A door that’s too big won’t fit into the frame, and one that’s too small will leave gaps. Either scenario is far from ideal, as it compromises both the function and the look of the door. That’s why at, precision is the name of the game.

Step-by-Step Measuring Guide

Fear not, though! Measuring for a composite door is not rocket science, and we’re here to walk you through each step. Grab your tape measure, and let’s dive in:

1. Measure the Width

Start by measuring the width of the opening at three points: the top, middle, and bottom. It’s crucial to measure from the inside faces of the door frame. Why three points, you ask? Walls and frames can be sneaky and not always perfectly straight. Use the smallest of these measurements as your width to ensure the door will fit.

2. Measure the Height

Next up, the height. Similar to the width, you’ll want to measure at three points: the left, middle, and right. Again, take these measurements from the inside faces of the frame, and use the smallest measurement as your height.

3. Check for Square

Here’s a pro tip from the team at always check that the door frame is square. How? Measure diagonally from corner to corner, both ways. If the measurements are the same, your frame is square. If not, don’t panic. A slight discrepancy is common, but it’s something to be aware of when selecting your door.

4. Door Sill and Threshold

Don’t forget about the door sill and threshold! It’s essential to consider whether your new door will have a sill and how it integrates with your existing threshold. This can affect the overall height measurement, so be sure to factor it in.

Choosing Your UK Composite Doors

Now that you’ve got your measurements down, it’s time to choose your door. This is where the fun begins! With a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, offers a wide range of UK Composite Doors to suit any home. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, energy-efficient, or extra secure, you’ll find it on their website.

Why Trust

You might wonder, with so many options out there, why choose Well, aside from their vast selection, they offer unparalleled expertise and support throughout the entire process. From choosing the right design to the final installation, their team is there to ensure everything goes smoothly. Plus, their doors are made to measure, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your home.

Final Thoughts

The right composite door can transform your home’s appearance, boost its security, and even increase its energy efficiency. But none of that matters if the door doesn’t fit! That’s why proper sizing and measuring are paramount. And with the guidance and expertise of, you’re in good hands.

Remember, a door is more than just a way in or out; it’s a statement about your home and your style. So, take the time to measure correctly, choose wisely, and trust the experts at to bring your vision to life.

Happy door hunting!

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