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The popular Slingo game is over 20 years old and has evolved since then to contain various variations of the game, with different themes and designs to attract players of demographics. 

Slingo, as the name suggests, is a combination of both slots and bingo and has been incorporated into online gambling sites as well as having classic board game variations for a younger audience who are not able to gamble. It is even popularly depicted in media with TV gameshows being aired containing huge prizes to be won. 

In this article, we will be looking at what exactly is a Slingo game and how you can stand to win big at them on online gambling sites with free spins.

How Slingo Works 

Slingo essentially works the same as bingo but with the slots element incorporated into it. Players are given a 5×5 grid of cards containing random numbers. A computer system then randomly generates a number when a wheel is spun (or a button is clicked, in this case). Players who have that number on their respective cards can then strike the number off. 

A player who has managed to mark all five numbers in a row, column, or diagonal then gains a Slingo score. The more you score, the more you win! Card-based terminologies are also used in Slingo. A player who wins a Full House stands to win multipliers on their original bet, leading to greater prizes to be won!   

Bonus Features 

A game of Slingo contains four mystery symbols that earn players extra features if they can land on them. These features include the Joker, Devil, Super Joker, and Coin. 

  1. Coin 

Players who land on a coin stand to win a multiple of their current level of bet, leading to a greater chance of them walking away with more cash prizes.

  1. Joker

If players get a Joker to land on a reel, they are allowed to check off any number next to their vertical win line. If a player can have three or more instances of landing a Joker on a reel, they will be able to win an instant prize or even trigger off a full bonus feature! 

  1. Super Joker

A Super Joker, as the name suggests, is somewhat better than the Joker bonus feature. A Super Joker allows players to check off any single number on their card with no conditions.  

  1. Devil 

This particular feature is not exactly a bonus but something a player should avoid getting. If you see a Devil on your screen, it means that in that particular spin turn you will not be able to complete any numbers in your corresponding column on the grid, therefore slowing your pace in the game. 

Popular Slingo Games

  1. Slingo Sweet Bonanza

Players familiar with Candy Crush would love this variation of Slingo. Symbols such as candies, lollipops, and bombs are hidden in a separate row that players can uncover. These symbols can allow the player to win up to 10x the cash prize, as well as award them with bonuses such as additional picks for subsequent rounds. 

This variation of Slingo is one of the more volatile ones, and players with a huge risk appetite as well as players looking for their quick adrenaline fix should give this a try!

  1. Book of Slingo

Classical “Book Of” games have been given a revival thanks to modern readaptations. One such rework of this classical game design is the Book of Slingo.

In this Slingo variation, players are tasked to score as many Slingo lines as they can. Players with a score of more than seven can then move on to the free spins round, where they can win as many as ten spins to gain a higher chance at obtaining the cash prize. 

This variation and rework of a classic gameplay style are sure to be a nostalgic retreat for millennials looking to win their cash prize! 

  1. Deal or No Deal

The popular TV show template now has a Slingo variation! Cases numbered one to twenty-six are laid out in front of players, who will be tasked to pick their lucky briefcase. 

The style of play here follows the game show where players will be able to earn Slingo points, along with prizes either being added or eliminated based on the mystery hidden behind the briefcase.

Players familiar with the TV game show will be sure to love this familiar game style and would be more comfortable placing their bets as well. Players who attain four or more Slingo scores can then choose to either ‘Deal or No Deal’  — to either continue their play and potentially win (or lose) more prizes, or take the No Deal and stop their play, going home with whatever prizes they have earned so far. 

  1. Rainbow Riches

The classic Irish-themed game Rainbow Riches now has a Slingo variation. Rainbow Riches allows players to stand a chance to win a huge number of bonus features that include Wishing Well, Magic Toadstool, Road to Riches, and Pots of Gold. 

With the gameplay being the same as the other variations, the unique feature of Rainbow Riches is that you only need to score five or more Slingo scores to obtain the bonus features. 

Try your best to also get a Full House as that can lead you to win the Pot of Gold bonus, where you can even win up to 1000x of your original stake!

Out of most Slingo variations, this game has one of the highest returns on your original bet and even comes with unlimited extra spins that you can purchase in-game. So give it a try the next time you feel like playing Slingo! 


While it might be derived from two already hugely popular games — Slingo and Bingo — Slingo offers a unique gaming experience with a wide array of variations that appeal to different sensibilities of a gaming audience. 

Whether you’re someone who likes a modern style of play or a more classical one, Slingo has just the right variation for you to stand a chance to walk home with huge cash prizes. 

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