Downgrade in AMLOs airport air safety stops Volaris’s Los Angeles-AIFA route


 Volaris announced that its intention to inaugurate a flight to Los Angeles, United States, from the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA)will be postponed because Mexico continues in Category 2 in aviation security.

“The theme of the category is very unfortunate, it is a significant delay. But definitely the Los Angeles flight in December is not going to leave, “said Enrique Beltranena, director of the airline.

He reiterated that this delay is unfortunate for the industry in general, ” we have lost market share between the United States and Mexico, and it is important that we recover it and that we work positively there.”

Last April, the company expressed its interest in connecting the AIFA with  Los Angeles, a route that it estimated would start once Category 1 in air safety is recovered.

For this, the firm submitted the authorization request to the  Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) on April 7 , with the intention of starting operations in December 2022, which would make it the first national operator to inaugurate a route international at the new airport.

Given this situation, the manager specified in an interview within the framework of the airline’s restart of operations at the Toluca airport, that the company had to redirect its planned capacity to the United States to other destinations.

Regarding the restart of operations at the Mexican airport, he said that as of July 1 it will connect with Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco, Guadalajara and Tijuana, the latter 2 will allow continuing to the United States.

Enrique Beltranena mentioned that an agreement was reached with the authorities of the Toluca International Airport (AIT) for 5 years on airport costs, Airport Use Fee (TUA), among others.

While Hugo Delgado Ortega, director of the AIT, mentioned that discounts of 47% for TUA and 80% for airport services were agreed with the airlines, to mention some incentives.

He announced that with the operations of Volaris and Viva Aerobus they will close this year with up to 500 thousand passengers and by 2023 they will reach one million users.

Regarding international flights, he explained that it will depend on the demand, although they will seek to go to Central America, the United States and Canada.

Beltranena explained that with the operations they have at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), AIFA and now Toluca, the airline will offer one million seats per month.

Regarding the reduction of operations at the capital airport as requested by the federal government, he explained that between August and next September they will reduce their frequencies by 10%, but they will not cancel routes.

Currently, they carry out approximately 94 operations in the AICM, 14 in Santa Lucía and 7 in the Mexican terminal, “it is a job aimed at reinforcing and providing service to the Metropolitan Valley.”


The Mexico City Post