Opposition party proposes arming Mexican families to ‘defend’ themselves against crime


The tricolor party seeks that Mexican families have access to higher caliber weapons so that they can defend their home, business, and their own lives.

The national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro ‘Alito’ Moreno, reported that they will present a law initiative so that Mexican families can have access to weapons of greater caliber and more easily.

At a press conference, the leader of the tricolor party argued that the aim is to legalize the use of weapons so that Mexicans “can defend their homes, their businesses, their lives. The people are defenseless” due to the “failed state” of the current government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he said.

“If the government cannot guarantee the safety of citizens, that families who wish to have the option to arm themselves to protect their lives and those of their children,” Alejandro Moreno said on his social networks.

The party affirms that the proposed legalization of weapons would be subject to clear regulation consistent with current reality.

Moreno announced that the Institutional Revolutionary will promote a law so that the members of the Armed Forces, the National Guard and the Navy can take their weapons to their homes, to defend themselves and deal with organized crime.

“In the PRI we will open the debate on these issues, listening to all sectors and specialists in the field, which will allow us to strengthen the proposal and include different visions. Not one step back in the defense of Mexican families,” he added.

“The Morena government does not have any security plan, nor is it interested in doing so, so the violence that exists in the country is the main concern of Mexicans,” he stressed.

He argued that the number of deaths “has broken records”, since there are currently “many more deaths than in all past six-year terms”, and pointed out that in the last month 30,000 deaths were recorded, “more than a hundred deaths per day”.

“There is the example of the murder of the Jesuit priests and no authority does anything. In Michoacán they are charging floor fees, in Guerrero, they even charge for the sale of chicken and in the State of Mexico for the distribution of gas”, stressed the PRI.

The leader of the Revolucionario Institucional highlighted that the United States has just issued travel alerts to practically the entire Mexican territory, so “we will continue to insist that the federal government change its strategy because it has lost control of the country.”

The also president of the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL) pointed out that ” the eyes of the world are turning to Mexico, because we are heading for organized crime to control the country.”

Mexico Daily Post