Mexico, the big loser with AMLO


It should be time for Mexico: the link of North America with its long border with the US, an economy ready to receive companies moving from Asia or even Europe,

An increasingly authoritarian China with an insane ‘zero COVID’ policy. Russia’s war against Ukraine shows European dependence. In Latin America, the former stars of the free market elect leftist regimes: in Peru an impressive ignoramus; in Chile, an inexperienced leader; Colombia, likewise, follows the same path; while Argentina is the usual disaster; and in Brazil, a right-wing populist does not stop in his nonsense.

It should be time for Mexico: the link of North America with its extensive border with the United States, an economy ready to receive companies moving from Asia or even Europe, prepared to link production chains and transport and energy infrastructures. In a world that moves the focus to regionalizing, to exploit the privileged geographical location.

Except that the president is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, another banana product from the Latin American subcontinent. With a mind stuck in approximately 1972, he believes that natural resources are a source of wealth and that foreigners who come to Mexico seek to obtain gold in exchange for mirrors. He repeats with unusual fervor that story that was learned in high school with monographs bought at a stationery store.

The technology that arouses the presidential passion is the sugar mill, which ignites his imagination, oil. The Mexico to which he aspires was already portrayed in the golden age of national cinema, with chambeadora ” hardworking”, honest and poor people. It is the Mexico of Joaquín Pardavé and Pedro Infante, in which that poverty is worthy. That is why the President hates meritocracy, the middle class, those who have already left behind that beautiful poverty, and, furthermore, are aspirationalists who are attracted by wealth. For the demagogue, good people are those who depend on the money that he so generously gives them, notably scholarships and pensions.

A holder of the Executive Power believer in pharaonic works. It is not that they serve, but that they look, or that they contribute to their nationalist efforts. He did not hesitate to destroy an airport in Texcoco to instead expand an air base from which no one wants to fly, an airport that competes with another for the restricted airspace of the Valley of Mexico. To this must be added in the coming weeks a very expensive refinery that will not produce a drop of gasoline for years and, finally, a train that destroys the jungle.

Passionate about state energy, whatever it costs, and pollute whatever it pollutes. No solar or wind energy, but a direct rejection of foreign investment, just like private companies that offer cheaper electricity. It is about sinking more good money into those black holes of corruption and ineptitude that are Pemex and CFE. AMLOs personal demon, who never tires of attacking, is Iberdrola.

To close with a flourish, a President who believes in embracing organized crime, who is immune to the accumulation of homicides and the extortion explosion that plagues large and small businesses. A country in which the most brutal violence is part of everyday life. A head of the Executive who heads one of the most corrupt regimes in living memory while presumed to be honest.

Mexico had to lose an extraordinary opportunity. It is a country to which many companies would move, invest, create jobs, and boost production and growth if the president were not Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


Mexico Daily Post