A Guide To Organizing Your Mexican Style Kitchen


Mexican kitchens are fun-filled rooms of bright colors mixed with form and function, all baked together with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. If there is one thing a Mexican kitchen accomplishes, it brings together family and friends for some of the best sharing experiences.

The earthy aromas, combined with the color, provide the feeling of a welcoming space for anyone. With such a diverse group of people coming or using the space, it might rapidly become crowded.

However, a few things to make organizing your Mexican-style kitchen more straightforward. Follow the guide below to sort out the space while keeping the functionality it needs:

Use Some Tupperware

If the household does not properly arrange all of the small products, the pantry and cupboards can look disorganized, which is where Tupperware comes in. These useful containers are used in families worldwide to store leftover food and organize kitchen items.

Unpack everything and put it into categories based on what the cook will typically use together or the size of the item. In a Mexican kitchen, there could be a lot of sauce or spice packets and bottles to keep track of. To keep them together while cooking, they would fit perfectly into Tupperware pantry containers.

Get Creative With Cannisters

Canisters come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, so there are bound to be some that will fit into the décor of the Mexican style. They come in handy for utensils next to the stove, and those with lids can comfortably store beans or similar items in the pantry.

Safely store food, cutlery, or tools in these canisters to add an extra flair to the kitchen. The canisters come in colored glass, printed stainless steel, or engraved wood variants, so find some that’ll look stunning with the rest of the items in your kitchen.

Hang It On Hooks

Social activities are common in a Mexican kitchen and it’s common that everyone lends a hand to prepare a meal. Having tools, skillets, clay pots, and pans within reach will make it easier for everyone to maneuver around each other.

Hang hooks from the roof or next to each other on a wall. These hooks are functional, and it displays all of the items in an organized way.

Accessorize With Baskets

Natural features such as woven baskets are part of the Mexican décor. These are ideal for storing stuff in one location, especially for small items, such as invoices, medications, bills, mail, or loose coins.

Kitchens are known for becoming catchalls for the household, so make sure there are enough options for organizing all of the clutter by placing baskets in strategic locations throughout the space that everyone knows. 

Wooden Cabinets, Shelves, And Pigeon Holes

Keeping with the natural theme, adding extra wooden elements to a Mexican kitchen, such as cupboards, shelves, and pigeon holes, provides more storage and organization space. Appliances, cookbooks, and other items can be used to create stunning groupings that are also neat.

Stack bowls, plates, cups, and other tableware on shelves in a wooden cupboard, while keeping spice bottles and other seasonings neatly lined up next to the stove on a lower shelf. 

Bowls In Bright Colors

What would a kitchen be without at least one mixing bowl? Organize some kitchen utensils, fresh ingredients, or other cooking equipment in a brightly colored bowl that matches the room’s décor instead of using them for their intended function.

Bowls are a convenient way to organize stuff because they can be used as containers for a variety of products, including food. 

The Takeaway

To make everyone feel at ease, kitchens must be clean and orderly. Everyone will appreciate spending more time there with family and friends once everything is sorted, stacked, cleaned, and arranged.

Mexican culture is recognized for sharing and caring for others, and it is full of family activities. As a result, a Mexican kitchen should reflect these principles, as well as their soul and heart.

A messy, chaotic kitchen is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, especially when Mexican cuisine features such a diverse range of robust, fresh ingredients. A cheerful kitchen is one that is well-organized, so start looking for storage solutions that will fit your Mexican-style kitchen.

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