This is how Mexico can ‘squeeze’ the Summit of the Americas in its favor, according to experts


The issue of the relocation of production chains may be something that our country takes advantage of with a view to the future.

The Summit of the Americas can be successful for Mexico if it reaches agreements with the United States on economic recovery, especially on the issue of nearshoring; financial inclusion and migration, said Rebecca Bill Chavez, president, and CEO of The Dialogue, a think tank and research lab.

“Mexico is key in any discussion on migration, so any productive conversation would hopefully include Mexican participation,” he said during the press conference organized by the organization on the eve of the meeting that will begin next Monday in Los Angeles.

After the meetings of the governments of the United States and Mexico for the high-level economic dialogue in which they agreed to improve the regional business environment and strengthen the resilience of supply chains, Mexico could seek more global agreements with scope for the entire region, said Santiago Canton, Director of the Rule of Law Program, Peter D. Bell.

“What could be an achievement for Mexico from this meeting are the issues that are global for the region, such as migration, energy and global warming, these issues are important for Mexico with a regional vision,” he said.

The event to be held from June 6 to 10, convened by the government of President Joe Biden, has been involved in different discussions such as the guest list, in addition to the fact that the regional context faces differences in the objectives on a transition to clean energy. said Nate Graham, interim director of the Energy, Climate Change, and Extractive Industries Program at The Dialogue.

“Unfortunately in the last two years, the Americas have been extremely divided, this between the leaders of Chile, Brazil and Mexico,” and he hoped that this event will be an opportunity to try agreements.


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