BBVA Mexico presents alliance to finance solar panels


The banking institution, SunPower-Maxeon, and Powen are the allies.

The BBVA Mexico bank announced the alliance with two of the most important companies in solar panels in the country, SunPower – Maxeon and Powen, to put in the hands of its clients the opportunity to invest in clean energy through financing solutions. Aligned with its sustainable strategy, the banking institution continues to develop business opportunities with all sectors to benefit the different customer segments it serves.

This alliance for cardholders offers up to 24 months without interest (MSI) with all BBVA Mexico credit cards (except BBVA Crea cards, Mi Primera Tarjeta, Negocios and MicroNegocios) so that they can invest in solar panels and also obtain differentiated prices from part of the suppliers that make up this alliance, which have a presence throughout the national territory.

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Hugo Nájera Alva, general director of Customer Solutions at BBVA Mexico, commented: “Solar panel systems have become an accessible option for families and businesses in our country.”

Some of the benefits obtained by installing a solar panel system are: generating savings of up to 98% in electricity bills (depending on the number of panels installed); increase in capital gains on real estate; as well as a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions generated. In this sense, a system of four solar panels on average prevents the production of more than two tons of CO2, which is equivalent to 46 saved trees.

In addition, solar panels are capable of producing energy even on cloudy days because they do not need to directly receive light (with solar irradiation it is enough to generate production) and they work in practically any weather condition, topography and geographical location.

The alliance offers up to 24 months without interest with BBVA Mexico credit cards so that users of the banking institution can invest in solar panels, allowing them to significantly reduce their billing for electricity consumption through photovoltaic energy.

The amount

9,800 million pesos have been granted to individuals for a sustainable operation. 

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