Video: Victim runs over thief in Querétaro after being robbed


A man caught up in his car to the subject who had allegedly just assaulted him and ran him over and then returned and kicked him

An alleged thief was run over by his victim in the municipality of Querétaro .

Assailant was on the run but the victim catches up with him and runs him over

In the video, recorded on May 27, a man is seen running with a black backpack, but is hit by a car; immediately, the subject throws his belongings from him and is seriously injured on the ground.

The motorist passes but returns to continue hitting the man. It is when a witness intervenes but walks away after a brief conversation. It would be an act of justice by one’s own hand.

The events occurred on the morning of May 27 in the Lomas de Casa Blanca neighborhood.

Video from a security camera shows the moment a subject is hit by a white car while walking under the sidewalk.

Instead of getting up, the man throws the backpack he was carrying and remains on the ground until moments later the white car returns and its driver gets out to kick him in the head.

Conductor persigue a presunto ladrón, lo atropella y le da una golpiza en  Querétaro (Video) | Proceso

A witness intervened to prevent the motorist from further assaulting the man and made him leave.

It is presumed that the run-over man had just assaulted the driver who hit him and that he reached him at full speed to take justice into his own hand.

After the viralization of the video Police Action Querétaro indicated that “there is no record of a complaint or call to the Single Emergency Number 9-1-1, by any of those involved.”

In this way, the authorities asked both parties to file the corresponding complaint.

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