Bride and Groom criticized for taking public transportation to wedding ceremony


“The rich have fun in very strange ways,” they commented on social networks

For a wedding, both the bride and groom and the guests presumably traveled to the ceremony in minibuses that transport people Mexico City; The event was captured on video and uploaded to social networks, where they were criticized for exoticizing the use of public transport.

Weddings are not everyday celebrations, so it is not uncommon for each couple to seek to give their event a touch of originality. Such is the case of some bride and groom who decided to have the use of the minibus as a “theme”, as seen in a video that was originally shared by the account @theweddingconceptmx, according to national media reports.

In the event, both the bride and groom and the guests, very elegantly dressed, are seen boarding the minibuses. In the next shot they are seen surprised and excited by the experience, while the transport runs through Reforma Avenue. The women occupy the seats and the men remain standing.

The last thing seen is the descent of the bride in her white dress.

The reactions

Several users of social networks did not see the video with good eyes; they criticized them for “romanticizing poverty”. “They look very funny, they walk in another reality,” someone else commented.

The reactions were collected by national media, since the original video and even the account in which it was originally published have already disappeared, presumably due to criticism .

And it is that the video achieved great virality in networks and multiple reactions. “When you live in Insurgentes Sur, but the wedding is in Polanco”; “Excuse me, young man, are you stopping at the Met Gala?”; and “the rich have fun in very strange ways” were some of the comments made about it. 

Another netizen simply wrote it off as an episode of ” whitexican humor .”

The Mexico City Post