Sleep in the Belly of a Giant Snake (VIDEO)


If there is one special accommodation in this world, then this one should definitely be Quetzalcoatl Snake Hotel. The hotel is kind of peculiar, and the central character around this place is the mystic figure of the god Quetzalcóatl.

He is a mythic figure in Mexico, and people talk about him as the master of wind and air.

The hotel is only 30 minutes from downtown Mexico City, in the state of Mexico. The best part? You can rent one of the special rooms.

About Booking The Rooms

The Quetzalcoatl Snake Hotel is also listed on Airbnb. There are five bedrooms in total, where up to eight people can sleep across. You can even spend the night in the belly of this beast.

One of the best parts is that from each round window you will have a beautiful view of the forest.

What to Do

Once you are here you should not waste the time, but wander around the amazing structure. Go right in the serpent’s mouth or spend your time by the nearby pools.

If you are going with your kids, they will be happy to explore the tunnels, labyrinths, flower gardens, as well as the natural 5,000-square-meter site. The park hosts lots of caves and caverns.

The design is quite unique, inspired by the modern Aztec buildings.

Source: Youtube

Mexico Daily Post