Aeromexico announces plans to increase flights to 30 a day at the AIFA, by October


Mexican airline Aeromexico (AEROMEX.MX) said in a statement it plans to maintain its routes from the capital’s main airport and increase flights to 30 a day in the Felipe Angeles hub by October.

Also, companies with debts extending more than a year will have to cease operations in the capital’s main airport.

Air traffic safety has come under increased scrutiny since footage posted on social media showed a plane on Saturday coming in to land at the Benito Juarez airport just over another that was waiting to take off on the same runway.

The director of the Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space resigned after the incident, which had followed others.

An official at Mexico’s Air Traffic Controllers Union told Reuters this week the union had sent about 30 reports of safety incidents to the federal civil aviation agency.

However, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said earlier on Tuesday that recent incidents had nothing to do with the redesign of the airspace after the opening of Felipe Angeles.

The Felipe Angeles hub, whose construction Lopez Obrador ordered after he canceled a partly built new airport east of the city, officially opened in March.

Felipe Angeles was intended to relieve pressure on the Benito Juarez airport. However, it is evident that the new airport was still under construction almost a month after its inauguration and was offering few daily flights.