Travel to Mexico on a budget


If keeping to a strict budget is key for your trip to Mexico, you should visit during the cheapest times of the year. This is during the “low season” when few tourists are arriving and there’s more availability for flights, rooms, and rentals.

With less demand overall, you’ll pay a lot less to visit Mexico if you go during the low season. Here’s more info on the cheapest time to visit each coast. 

The cheapest time to visit Mexico’s Pacific coast is during August and September. At this time of year, Mexico’s rainy season is at its peak – and so are the temperatures.

Hot, humid weather in the 90s and frequent rainfall make this part of the low season one of the cheapest times to go because fewer tourists are willing to brave the extremes. Outdoor activities and exploration may not be as available during this time.

But the rainfall isn’t constant and you’ll be able to plan fun activities in between storms. Unfortunately, the hurricane season is in full swing during this time (July through early October), so you should keep this risk in mind when planning your affordable getaway. 

The cheapest time to visit Mexico’s Gulf coast is from July through October. Like the Pacific coast, the Gulf coast is at the height of its rainy and hurricane season during this time. This limits the number of tourists who come to stay, driving down demand – and prices. 

You can score hotels, flights, and rentals for as much as 40% less from July to October for this reason. However, it’s important to weigh the risks of potentially getting caught in a tropical storm or hurricane conditions.

Even finding yourself stuck in your hotel room due to constant downpours and hot temperatures is enough to make many reconsider visiting during the low season (the cheapest time of year to go).  

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