Pacific or Atlantic coast which is better for your next trip to Mexico?


The best time to visit the Pacific coast of Mexico is October through mid-December, especially in November. At this time of year, the rainy season has ended and drier weather makes for better opportunities to get out and enjoy yourself.

After mid-December, the crowds rush in for the holiday break and snowbirds flock to the coast. The Baja region especially is susceptible to severe weather and storms, so it’s wise to plan your stay outside of the hurricane season.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are most prevalent from July through early October on this side of Mexico. If you plan your stay from October through mid-December, you’ll avoid the most severe weather concerns and get the sunny, warm experience you’re hoping for.

Mexico’s Gulf Atlantic Coast

The best time to visit Mexico on the Gulf coast side (which includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Channel, and the Caribbean sea) is December and January. This is at the start of the dry season when skies are clearer, rainfall is low, and activities are in full swing.

Planning your Gulf coast Mexico trip in December (except for the final 2 weeks, during holiday breaks) or January means you’ll avoid Spring Break beach crowds and all that entails. This makes early to mid-December and the entire month of January ideal for your Mexican Gulf coast visit. 

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