INE orders Morena to remove tweets and all advertising calling the opposition ‘traitors to the country’


The INE gave no more than three hours for Morena and Mario Delgado to remove all posts on Twitter and advertising calling deputies from the PRI, PAN, PRD, and MC who voted against López Obrador’s electricity reform traitors to the country.

Morena anuncia campaña para exhibir nombre y cara de «diputados traidores»  que votaron contra reforma eléctrica – Cursor en la Noticia…

The Complaints and Complaints Commission of the National Electoral Institute (INE) gave Morena and the party leader, Mario Delgado, no more than three hours to eliminate the publications hosted on Twitter, in which they call deputies “traitors to the country” of the opposition who voted against López Obrador’s electricity reform.

This after the PRI denounced that on April 23 in the account of Morena and Delgado a content was published in which it is said “let us not forget that the PRI, PAN, PRD, and MC are traitors to the country”, which, the tricolor, considered that this message is not freedom of expression.

After its review, the Commission determined that said publications, from a preliminary perspective and under the guise of good law, attribute to the PRI a crime for which guilt has not been established, since “treason against the fatherland” is a criminal type provided for in the Federal Penal Code.

Also, the Commission considered that these publications transcended the legislative sphere and are now part of a possible partisan strategy or campaign that could provoke slander, incitement to hatred, and violence against other actors and political forces.

Likewise, it considered that the possible hate campaign could violate the rights of opposition deputies and put their integrity at risk, and instructed the INE’s Technical Unit for Electoral Disputes to determine who is responsible for the “traidoresalapatria”” , where are the photographs of the deputies who voted against the electricity reform, and order them to remove these publications.

In the discussion, the counselor Ciro Murayama pointed out that this campaign is a “political lynching”, for which he asked that this campaign cease, “because it does no one any good that political violence is installed among us.”

He pointed out that he is concerned that crimes are charged against those who think differently since he said that calling them “traitors to the country” is slander since this crime has not been tried or sentenced.

Murayama added that with this Morena abandons the rules of the game and that these expressions of the majority party in Congress are political violence.

Meanwhile, councilor Adriana Favela pointed out that this campaign incites harassment and violence against opposition legislators. “I call for reflection if these expressions are not as serious as when in 2016 it was said that Andrés Manuel López Obrador was a danger to Mexico.”

Apart from Morena’s tweets, since last week, members of this party began to spread a campaign on social networks to exhibit the opposition deputies -PAN, PRI, PRD, and MC- who voted against the electricity reform of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom they also call “traitors to the country2.

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