San Sebastian del Oeste is a Magical Town with a mining past in the state of Jalisco (VIDEO)


San Sebastián del Oeste is a population of mining origin that had its best moments in the days of the Colony when it reached 20,000 inhabitants. However, in the 19th century, many of them left for other directions, mainly due to the closure of the mines.

An excellent way to get to San Sebastián del Oeste is through the new highway 70 Puerto Vallarta-Guadalajara. The town is located just 60 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta.


This town joined the Pueblos Mágicos program in 2011.
San Sebastián was once an important mining city with more than 20 thousand inhabitants. Currently, only about 600 people live in it.
The paths wrapped in forest vegetation and accompanied by fruity perfumes lead to natural viewpoints and places to rest, learn or have fun. Mansions, former haciendas and houses crowned with tile roofs are some of the elements that give life to this Magical Town with a mining past located on the shores of the Sierra Madre Occidental.


​hidden path
Main square.
Hacienda Esperanza de la Galera.
Hacienda Jalisco, construction of the XIX century.
Doña Conchita House Museum.
Church of San Sebastian
Potrero de Mulas Ecotourism Ranch.


Fiesta de San Sebastián: On January 20, the inhabitants of San Sebastián celebrate their patron saint with charreadas and a traditional fair.
Feast of the Virgin of the Assumption: On August 15, processions and religious rites are held to honor the Virgin.
Independence Party: They are the most important of the year, they are celebrated with a Mexican Night on September 15 and with a parade on the 16th.
​ Christmas festivities: The celebration of the December festivities is very showy in San Sebastián, because here, colorful pastorelas are carried out and nativity scenes are installed in the area of ​​the portals.


San Sebastián communicates, to the west, with Puerto Vallarta, the most famous beach destination in Jalisco.

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