Los Cabos rural area has become a new tourist attraction don’t miss “Sabores de la Baja Festival”


The Baja Flavors Festival is not only an event that seeks to preserve and highlight the authentic flavors of traditional Baja Sur cuisine. In this type of event, rural areas play an important role in publicizing the origins of this important tourist destination.

As part of preserving the flavors of traditional Baja Sur food, the Sabores de la Baja Festival has been held for four editions. Restaurants, hotels, and chefs who seek to bring the traditional flavors of the rural communities of the municipality to modern cuisine participate in this event. 

Lucia Trasviña, an organizer of the festival, commented that the event gives locals and tourists an opportunity to learn about the origins of the municipality and that it not only offers sun, beach, or nightlife. The festival will take place on Sunday, April 3 in the community of Miraflores from twelve noon to five in the afternoon.

“In this fifth edition you will be able to find the delicacies that characterize us as South Californians in our gastronomy, which is very vast and very rich; This event will take place on Sunday, April 3, from 12 noon to 5 pm. Is this event going to be with cause? Yes, it is an event with a cause, that a percentage will be donated to the elderly of Miraflores.”  

Doña Pame Restaurant - Los Cabos Guide

The rural area of ​​Los Cabos offers other types of experiences; Santiago, Miraflores, and La Ribera are becoming increasingly popular among international visitors, who really know the roots of the tourist destination, explained the general director of Economic Development and Tourism, Rafael García Ceseña. 

“I believe that the rural area by itself is for sale, I believe that the intention and the obligation on the part of the government that we represent, is to provide the tools to the local and international public so that they know and live the experiences of our communities. The three delegations that are: Santiago, Miraflores and La Ribera undoubtedly offer us different experiences.”

According to the Los Cabos Hotel Association, the pandemic totally changed travel trends for both domestic and foreign tourists, who are looking for less populated places; having direct contact with the local population is one of the main attractions that they seek, highlighting the representative of the hotel sector, Lilzi Orcí.

“Right now one of the most latent trends is that they are looking for ways to connect with locals, such as getting to know areas that are not so touristy. So this is where the rural area comes in, and we in the municipality of Los Cabos have a lot to offer. Through the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, we participated in the creation of new experiences, precisely what to offer the tourist part of what can be found here in the city.” 

A percentage of this important event will be donated to the community of the elderly of Miraflores, which have been key so that the traditions and especially its cuisine continue to prevail in the municipality.

Pre-sale opens for the 5th edition of the Festival Sabores de la Baja

The only gastronomic festival that promotes Baja California Sur cuisine

The details of the event were announced on the morning of Tuesday, March 29 at a press conference led by Lucy Trasviña, accompanied and supported by the Los Cabos City Council through the Municipal DIF System and the Municipal Directorate of Economic and Tourism Development. , the Association of Hotels of Los Cabos, the Secretary of State Tourism, as well as Sponsors, among them the UGC University, the civil association Onsom Los Cabos, Club del Corcho, Tequila Cinco Perros, among others.

The festival will take place in its traditional venue, the Doña Pame restaurant, of the Municipal Delegation of Miraflores, an open-air and rural space. The presence of around 13 stands is expected to offer tastings of regional dishes from 12:00 noon to 5:00 in the afternoon.

The presence of 400 diners is expected. Pre-sale of tickets is now available at the Isabel Rocha boutique in the Lomas de Cabo subdivision with the telephone number 624 129 69 83 and at Coworking at Los Cabos in Plaza Casa Blanca, with the telephone number 624 355 30 48, both points of sale. in Cabo San Lucas. The presale cost is 950 pesos per adult and for children, the value is 500 pesos including tastings and fresh water. 

On the day of the event at the box office the ticket will cost 1,200 pesos for adults and for children it will be the same at 500 pesos.

The hostess and organizer of the gastronomic festival, Lucy Trasviña, said that the event will donate ten percent to benefit the elderly in the community of Miraflores, a resource that will be sent in kind through the Municipal DIF System.

The festival will also feature a live music show, and the presence of artists exhibiting their work. Alan Castro Ruiz and Chucho Montaño will be in charge of driving.

Among the stands will be the presence of gastronomy students from the UGC University, as well as well-known local restaurants, including: Agave, Hotel Guaycura, Wachinangos, Hotel Hacienda del Mar, Chiltepinos, Jardín Secreto, Lumbre, La Carreta, Hotel Spa Buena Vista, Yeneca Gastronómica, Avocado Fish, La Deriva, Cooperativa La Bocana, Restaurant Doña Pame, among others no less important. There will also be stands of regional producers.

Doña Pame Restaurant - Los Cabos Guide

Among the dishes, there will be taro toast and on it a fresh fish ceviche with habanero ash, shrimp toast with ax tripe and clam, among other dishes. In the drinks there will be lemon tea horchata, damiana, as well as different wine labels, including Kadeibi, a wine produced in the Vizcaíno winery, Baja California Sur, which will be presented by the Cork Club. The menu will be extensive in food and drink, which augurs a great success for the festival.

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