CDMX Uber delivery man goes viral for carrying his orders in an Olmec head backpack (video)


Through social networks, an artist has gone viral for making Uber deliveries with a backpack that is shaped like an Olmec head sculpture

An Uber Eats delivery man has caused a sensation on social networks after being caught making his deliveries in Mexico City with a backpack that is shaped like an Olmec head sculpture, instead of the company’s characteristic green backpack, but why? Do you take your orders there? Here we tell you.

Behind the  Olmec head backpack with the legend Uber, is the artist known as  Chavis Mármol and he created the sculpture as part of the Intersections exhibition that is exhibited in the Recinto Escandón, located in the Cerrada de La Paz 15, in Colonia Escandón, in Mexico City.

In an interview for Yunque Fabrica de Arte, Chavis Mármol explained that the backpack is part of his work Neo-Ta-Memes with which he seeks to pay tribute to characters known as tamemes, who in pre-Hispanic Mexico dedicated themselves to moving products from one place to another.

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“Since there were no pack animals in pre-Hispanic Mexico, these people were dedicated to moving certain products, such as food or wood, from one place to another. I am currently taking up the project to talk about people who work in the food delivery area, who in my opinion are the contemporary tamemes,” said the artist.

Chavis Mármol stressed that with his work he does not seek to make a moral criticism about whether the delivery job is a good or bad job or if it is poorly paid because although he considers that delivery people suffer exploitation, the main question posed by his project is: “ Is there progress without this part of exploitation?

As part of his project, the artist was also making deliveries in Uber with the Olmec head backpack for a while because he wants his work to be critical of the present, but also fun: “This experiential part, riding the bike, hanging your backpack, suddenly people turn around and say ‘what’s that?’ That’s the part that interests me, that it’s a very lively project”.

Through his Instagram account, Chavis Mármol was sharing several images and videos of his tours as an Uber delivery man with the Olmec head backpack and has received several positive reviews from users and some have even asked him to make one for them. 

Los Tamemes – the porters of time

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