Ken Salazar asks Mexican legislators to respect contracts and agreements previously signed


In the framework of the discussion of the electrical reform that will take place in the Chamber of Deputies in the coming days, the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, asked the legislators to respect the contracts and agreements already signed.

“My hope is that we have an outcome that will support this economic relationship between the United States and Mexico, and that the contracts and agreements that have been made over time between the companies that have invested are respected (…), because if there is no confidence, there will be no investment and we need investment in the southeast, in Coahuila, in places that can become solar energy powerhouses,” said the representative of the United States at the installation of the Friendship Group Mexico and the United States.

Ken Salazar criticized the visit of the Russian ambassador, Víktor Koronelli, to the Lower Chamber of Congress in San Lázaro, and asked the representatives for solidarity towards Ukraine.

“We have to be in solidarity with Ukraine and against Russia. I heard that the Russian ambassador was here in San Lazaro saying that Mexico and Russia are very close. That is unacceptable, it can never happen”, Ken Salazar said.

“What Russia did by attacking Ukraine is an attack on freedom and a way of life for all of us. When a family is attacked, the family unites, here we speak of a friendship group: Mexico and the United States. You can’t see the difference, we have to do the same thing that the two countries did in World War II,” Ken Salazar concluded.

Source: El Financiero

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