‘I am in Mexico, but I don’t have friends yet’: Ukrainian DJ who fled the war


Masha worked as a DJ in Odessa clubs until the Russian invasion began; The young woman knows 4 languages ​​and she already wants to learn Spanish to be able to communicate.

A young woman from Ukraine recently fled her country in the face of the Russian invasion and attacks on cities and is now a refugee in Mexico.

Masha Romanenko worked as a DJ in different clubs in Odesa, in the southeast of Ukraine, until political conflicts forced all businesses to close and cancel events where she played; these events were his main source of income.

And now, Masha has found in Mexico a place to escape from the conflict in Ukraine.

Hi, I managed to leave Ukraine and now I’m in Mexico, but I don’t have friends here and I don’t know Spanish yet, but I want to make Mexican friends,” the young woman said in a post on the TikTok social network.

Through social networks, the DJ said that the people of Mexico are very good and that she already has a temporary place in Cancun, but she will think about moving.

Faced with options, the people who follow her recommended that she live in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

The young woman confessed that she Googled the city and found it “very beautiful”.

“Come to Monterrey,” said a follower; “I just googled her, and woah she’s so beautiful,” said Masha.


Right now I’m in Cancun, but I might move to Playa or Tulum, since I work as a DJ. I will learn Spanish if I stay, that would be my 4th language. #mexico #ucrania #fyp

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The young woman said that she knows four languages, but she will learn Spanish to be able to communicate better in the country and work.

Through social networks, Masha has received great support for the situation in her country in the midst of the Russian invasion.

Source: excelsior.com.mx

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