Yeriley Aguilar, a leader in Mexico rural real estate sales


This leader stands out in the sale of farms with a specific offer for agricultural entrepreneurs who want to start in the sector or expand their business model.

Mexico is a producer of a vast variety of crops and its agricultural sector is also one of the leaders in Latin America: it ranks as the main producer of vegetables and occupies the second position in the cultivation of fruit, only behind Brazil. 

Yeriley Aguilar has developed a disruptive sales system supported by social networks and digital media. His real estate company, which bears his name, has focused on the sale of ranches, with a specific offer for agricultural entrepreneurs who want to start in the sector or expand their business model.

“Our contribution is to get the land to the entrepreneur or investor who wants to expand and produce. We participate in the sector where there is a great economic benefit –because Mexico produces a lot of fruits, vegetables, meat– and we have become a means for producers to achieve their goals”, he shares.

Yeriley Aguilar is the queen of the niche in the acquisition and sale of ranches, this makes her real estate company a benchmark within a select market. 

“This allows us to offer all our clients winning projects when it comes to ranches, it makes us focus on the dream of every entrepreneur who is looking to dedicate himself to agricultural activity and everything related to agriculture and livestock. To know their world is to know them,” she adds.

Now that all sectors are working on recovery and with a new reality, Yeriley Aguilar intends to have a community of leaders who will drive her real estate company to transcend and maintain growth. In addition, serve all those families who have sought new opportunities in the field.

“Many families who were quarantined in their homes decided to turn to see the ranches or agricultural, agricultural and livestock land that they had as heritage as an option to obtain new economic income since it is in the countryside where you breathe fresh air, freedom and family. ”, she exposes.

Yerily Aguilar
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passion and strategy

Today, Yeriley Aguiar, positioned as a leader in real estate, is proud to be a woman and to have a nationally consolidated company within the millionaire business industry, although it has been difficult to stand out in an environment in which men dominate and influence. She attributes her success to creating strategic alliances with all those realtors who have ranches in her inventory.

In this way, Yeriley Aguilar has managed to build a business model in the real estate sector attached to the main interests and passions that she discovered as a child with her father: the agricultural and livestock sector.

“I started in the world of real estate and I knew that I could sell properties, but my heart remembered where I love life. I found my passion, my niche, the contact with nature and I started with the topic of ranches”, she affirms. 

It is in this niche, in which she points out that there are very few women doing the same, that she has decided to bet to become, together with her company, at the top of the diamond.

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