What Is The Reach Of Social Media Platforms In Mexico?


The popularity of social media platforms has increased across the world and this is even true for Mexico which in the last few years has seen an immense growth of users on social media platforms. In fact, Mexico has seen a 98.2% reach on different social media websites which puts it far above the other regions in terms of the popularity of social media platforms in a region. The worldwide average reach of social media platforms is approximately 87.1%. This makes Mexico one of the leading regions with social media users.

Which Is The Most Popular Social Media Platform In Mexico?

According to reports published by Statista Research Department, the most popular social media platform in Mexico is Facebook. According to the survey, 97% of the respondents were active users of Facebook. The second most popular social media platform was WhatsApp, the popular messaging app with billions of users, followed by Instagram. Coincidentally, both WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook, Inc. 95% of the respondents used WhatsApp and 73% of the respondents were members of Instagram. From changing WhatsApp DP to posting memes on Instagram and sharing news on Facebook, the digital activities on social media platforms across Mexico are seeing a rise. 

If we look in terms of unique visitors, WhatsApp topped the list of social media platforms with almost 35 million unique visitors and was followed by YouTube. It is expected that the popularity of WhatsApp will expand in the coming years. According to the latest reports by Statista Research Department, as of February 2022, Mexico houses 40.7 million active users on Instagram. It makes Mexico the second large user base of Instagram in Latin America. More than 35% of the active users of Instagram fall in the age group of 18 to 24 years. On the other hand, 32% of the users belonged to the age group of 25 to 34 years. 

Most social media users prefer to post memes on their social media platforms and the memes about random topics like Love Status are the most popular shared social media content in Mexico, followed by sharing songs and sharing news. 

Demographics Of Social Media Users In Mexico 

By the end of 2020, 63% of the Mexican population were users of Facebook, which is slightly below that of the USA. An increase in the penetration rate of Facebook in Mexico was seen. Most of the Facebook users of Mexico belong to the younger demographic. To be precise, 56% of the Facebook users belonged to the age group of 18 to 334 years. 

Facebook in Mexico is not only used as a platform for engaging in social networking but also for reading news. Across all the age groups of Mexico, a high percentage relied on platforms like Facebook for their daily dose of news. 

Currently, Mexico houses more than 100 million social media users. Between 2020 and 2021, Mexico witnessed a growth of more than 12% in the number of social media users. The increase of social media users by 11 million can be cited as the lockdown because of the COvid-19 pandemic where the people were forced to look out for online interaction and entertainment to main social distancing. By January 2021, 77.2% of the Mexican population were part of different social media platforms. 

Did Covid-19 Increase The Number Of Social Media Users?

Yes, Covid-19 did increase the number of social media users and this holds true not only for Mexico but for almost all countries. A good amount of shift was seen amongst the digital behaviors. Countries that witnessed strict lockdowns saw the biggest jumps in social media activity. Video calling on social media platforms became one of the most used features. In Mexico, the most shift was seen in Facebook where not only did the number of users increase but also the time spent on Facebook saw an increase too. During Covid-19, the users spent an average of 35 more minutes on different social media platforms. 

In the coming years with an increase in internet penetration, the social media platforms users in Mexico will further see an increase. This will create a huge potential for different sectors to use social media platforms to reach the potential customers of Mexico. 

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