Tlaquepaque: art, gastronomy and Mexican Culture at its best (VIDEO)


Located on the southern edge of Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque is an unassuming, largely residential district that turns out to have a thriving downtown scene.

Along Calle Independencia in the Centro region, you’ll find a string of restaurants boasting lively terraces, many of which feature the traditional mariachi music for which the state of Jalisco is renowned.

It also has a fantastic string of galleries and shops selling handicrafts, furniture, and other aesthetic delights.

The standout among these is the Galeria Sergio Bustamante, a gallery dedicated to showing and selling the work of the renowned Mexican surrealist.

It’s a real Alice in Wonderland kind of a place, where the deeper you go, the more bizarre and wondrous it becomes, culminating in a surreal garden in the back.

Next door you’ll find Almacen Central Arte en Cobre, which houses a collection of shops run by local artisans.

Further down the street, be sure to check out Gallery el Dorado, which offers a slew of interesting wares, particularly the stunning handmade furniture.

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