Tenoch Huerta says ‘enough of whiteness’ to Mexico producers


Tenoch Huerta made a call through social networks to all the producers and asks to break the line they have in their profiles to hire actors.

Tenoch Huerta has been a controversial actor throughout his career, he has always defended the right to equal opportunities regardless of what they do and now, the activist decided to launch a few words towards content producers.

Tenoch Huerta says ‘enough of whiteness’ to the producers

Given the limited supply of actors with brown skin in the series produced, Tenoch Huerta raised his voice through Twitter and made visible a situation that is replicated in the different content offered by streaming platforms.

“To all content producers in Mexico. ENOUGH of your speeches of whiteness, of making brown skin invisible. We are the majority but you are ashamed to live in a brown country, but you don’t mind the privileges they confer on you here, right? (SIC),” Tenoch Huerta said on Twitter.

80% of people in Mexico have brown skin

In recent years, Tenoch Huerta has become an activist for the rights of people with brown skin. According to data, 80% of the people who live in Mexico have brown skin and the actor has made it visible on numerous occasions that the producers only choose one profile for his content.

In addition, through the group ‘Poder Prieto’, Tenoch points out and denounces various situations where there is no inclusion or equal treatment.

Likewise, in different spaces, Tenoch and members of Poder Prieto, including the actress Maya Zapata, have hinted at the way in which the media and the entertainment industry, in general, discriminate only on the basis of skin color.

Finally, Tenoch is not the leader of Poder Prieto, but rather a member of the group that is against discriminatory practices in different areas.

Source: radioformula.com.mx

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