Mexico City “NIGHT OF MUSEUMS” for February, times, dates, and locations

Castillo de Chapultepec (File photo)

Are you ready for a night of museums with various musical, literary, and plastic proposals for 2022?

This Wednesday, February 23, you can enjoy more than 40 museums at night.

With the aim of disseminating heritage and attracting new audiences to the city’s artistic and cultural venues, the Night of Museums initiative was born. It is a concept that was carried out by Ana Isabel Salazar, who thought of the idea when she realized that most of the museums in Mexico City closed at an early hour and people such as students or professionals were not able to attend the exhibits.

The Night of Museums is organized on the last Wednesday of each month. More than 40 cultural venues participate, which open their doors from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., in order to offer the public a different vision of the common tour of a museum.

This nocturnal option to visit museums seeks to provide information about some exhibitions. In addition, the Night of Museums organizes workshops, recitals, talks, tributes, guided tours, among other things. It is worth mentioning that most of the activities are free, so this Wednesday you will have no excuse to stay without going to visit the Night of Museums.

We recommend you follow and consult the Night of Museums fanpage for the details of activities.

Open mic

College of San Ildefonso

In one of the most important colonial buildings in the Historic Center of Mexico City, El Colegio de San Ildefonso, there will be a virtual open microphone to present “Palabras del Margen” and poetry.  

Where: Republic of Chile 8, Historic Center, 8:00 p.m.

Free entry

The city that we all carry insideLa Ciudad que todos llevamos dentro

Historical Archive of Mexico City

“Archivo Histórico de la Ciudad de México”

The Historical Archive of Mexico City “Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora” was declared a historical monument in 1931 in order to preserve the artistic heritage found on its façade. On this Night of Museums, you will have the presentation of the book “The city that we all carry inside” accompanied by a poetry recital. Space is limited to 25 people.

Where: Republic of Chile 8, Historic Center; 18:00 hours

Free entry

Aerospace MedicineMedicina Aeroespacial

Medicine Palace “Palacio de Medicina”

The Palace of the School of Medicine is located in a building with a “cut corner”, and is also known as the Old Palace of the Inquisition. In the Night of Virtual Museums, it presents through its networks, a talk where pilots and astronauts will be involved, following this link.

Where: República de Brasil 33, Historic Center of the City. of Mexico, Cuauhtemoc.

Free entry

Legends of the inquisitionLeyendas de la inquisición

Museum of Torture and Capital Punishment “Museo de Tortura y Pena Capital”

The Museum of Torture and Capital Punishment will have some “Legends of the Inquisition” on this Night of Museums. From the 16th to the 18th century was the time of the Holy Inquisition, where people who committed acts of heresy were punished. Space is limited to 25 people.

Where: Tacuba #15, Historic Center

How much: $200 per person

Alchemy by Leonora CarringtonAlquímica de Leonora Carrington

Anthropology National Museum “Museo Nacional de Antropología”

The House of America’s First Printing Press was home to this important discovery in the New World. This Virtual Night of Museums is present with a conservatory where the art of the great painter Leonora Carrington will be discussed from a “culinary” point of view, following the link.

Where: Lic. Primo Verdad no.10, Historic Center of the City. from Mexico, Cuauhtemoc; 6:30 p.m.

Free entry

Concert my Mexico of yesterday, today and alwaysConcierto mi México de ayer, hoy y siempre

Mexico City Museum “Museo de la Ciudad de México”

In the Historic Center of Mexico City, there are great examples of Baroque architecture, such as the old Palace of the Counts of Santiago de Calimaya, known as the Mexico City Museum. This Night of Museums in February brings the concert “My Mexico of yesterday, today and forever Nationalism and the 20th century.” Face-to-face activity with space for 150 people.

Where: Pino Suárez 30, Historic Center. 8:00 p.m.

Free entry

Objects and literatureObjetos y literatura


The Museum of the Object of the Object is a space that was inaugurated in 2010 and has been dedicated to telling stories through objects that have accompanied daily life in Mexico for more than 200 years, and has for this Night of Museums an exhibition called “Objects and Literature”. It also has an audio guide of this exhibition to accompany the tour. Face-to-face activity

Where: Colima 145, Col. Roma Norte.

How much: $25

Carol Lodela ConcertConcierto Carol Lodela

Women’s Museum “Museo de la Mujer”

Located in the heart of Mexico City, is the Women’s Museum inaugurated on March 8, 2011, with the firm objective of making visible the participation and contribution of women. On this Virtual Night of Museums, he will present a concert by the pianist and singer Carol Lodela. face-to-face activity

Where: . Republic of Bolivia 17, Historic Center of the City. from Mexico. 7:00 p.m.

Free entry

The markets of our cityLos mercados de nuestra ciudad

Old City Hall Palace Building “Antiguo Edificio del Palacio del Ayuntamiento”

The Ágora Galería del Pueblo is located inside the Old City Hall Building and houses various temporary exhibitions. On this occasion, he presents the talk “The markets of our city: history and heritage” at Night of Museums. Space will be limited to 20 people.

Where: Plaza de la Constitución 2, floor 2, Historic Center, Cuauhtémoc, 5:00 p.m.

Free entry

Activity with pre-registration:

Joana Mattrey and Camilo Angeles “Joana Mattrey y Camilo Ángeles

Former Teresa Current Art “Ex Teresa Arte Actual”

museum night

The Ex Teresa Arte Actual is a space that promotes the contemporary scene that enables sound experimentation, audiovisual, performance and action art, video art, among others. Thus, this Night of Museums presents the duo “Joana Mattrey and Camilo Ángeles” who will expand the limits of sound possibilities with a concert.

Face-to-face activity with prior registration:

Where: Lic. Verdad 8, Historic Center, Cuauhtémoc, 7:00 p.m.

Free entry

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