On March 21, the three runways at the AMLO’s General Felipe Ángeles Airport will begin to operate


Felipe Ángeles International (AIFA), now has an opening date: March 21. The moment marks the culmination of the first large-scale project of the Mexican government, which invested $2.6 billion in the project. Against all odds, the airport was finished in two years and 10 months. The new facility is located in the municipality of Zumpango and is aimed at easing the air traffic to Mexico City, which is 45 kilometers away

The new international airport in Mexico

The infrastructure will be opened at the end of March. The AIFA will be able to handle 61 operations an hour, roughly one per minute.

In January 2019, the López Obrador government canceled the project in favor of the construction of the Felipe Ángeles Airport at the Santa Lucía base and the modernization of the Toluca Airport.

In early February, workers were still putting up the passenger terminal and building the pathways to get there. Others were laying down the ground markings on the runway. The visibility was poor, but the main elements of AIFA could be seen: a control tower, two runways for civilian flights and one for military operations, a terminal, a hotel, a parking station, a loading station and fuel tanks. Next to the facility is the Santa Lucía Air Force Base.

Source: El Pais

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