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Redesign of the airspace of the Valley of Mexico did not work, experts agree

One year after the implementation of the new air routes, airline operations have not improved, said panelists at the Forum “Saint Lucia and airspace, is everything ready?”

The redesign of the airspace in the Valley of Mexico has not worked as proposed by AMLO Government, since costs have not been reducedflight times have not decreased and the workload for controllers and pilots, experts agreed.

During the EF Meet Point. ‘Saint Lucia and airspace, all set? ‘, carried out by El Financiero Bloomberg TV, María Larriva, air traffic controller, indicated that, one year after the implementation of the new air routes, the operation of the airlines in the Valley of Mexico did not improve.

“It is chaos, there are delays in the air, delays in accessing the platform, this is because controls have been canceled, and there was also talk of a reduction in pilot loads, but the controllers are in a hurry because the redesign makes differences in the areas, the controllers have large spaces, somewhere they do not have communication with the aircraft”, Larriva pointed out this Thursday.

The government began, on March 25, 2021, the implementation of new landing and take-off routes from the Mexico City airport. With the new redesign, the authority assured that the airlines would reduce their fuel consumption by 16 percent, but this has not happened.

Meanwhile, Heriberto Salazar, president of the College of Aviator Pilots, indicated that the approach distances to the capital’s airport have been lengthened.

“Distances have been lengthened, there is always a delay in arrival, they ask us to reduce speed, this does a greater job because the pilots have to make adjustments to the flight when we already had it planned (with the previous air design),” Salazar pointed out. .

The redesign of the airspace was launched to organize the flow of aircraft in the Valley of Mexico and allow the interoperation of three airports, including Santa Lucía, which is about to open.

It’s a risk?

Despite the fact that the government assures that the four airports can operate “simultaneously” and “safely”, experts point out that the project has “technical uncertainties” that could have costs of several million pesos and human lives, in the worst case. the cases.

The National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (Sinacta) warned that the risk of accidents on flights to and from Mexico City has increased, as the maneuvers have become more complicated.

The union stated that at the beginning of the redesign two planes traveled in opposite directions, facing each other at the same altitude and that they were about to collide.

However, Communications and Transportation maintained that neither the Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space (Seneam) nor the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) received a report on a possible crash or incident in the Valley of Mexico that relates it to the redesign of the airspace of Mexico City.

And both Aeroméxico and the National Chamber of Air Transport said they had no reports from their members of “situations that have put air operations at risk as a result of the implementation of the airspace redesign.”

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