Queretaro tragedy in the Altozano subdivision left three dead and two injured


Querétaro, There was an accident in the Private Lagoon of the Altozano Fraccionamiento, on the Boulevard of the same name, where five people were trapped in a sanitary drainage registry.

The accident occurred at the stroke of noon when they were carrying out desilting work when one of the workers fell headfirst into the manhole with a width of 80 cm in diameter and a depth of 15 meters.

After the accident, a second worker who tried to get the first out and then a third fell on his head, and so on until five workers were trapped and without air inside the register.

After the report to the 911 emergency line, fire personnel from Querétaro and Corregidora, in addition to municipal and state Civil Protection and paramedics from the Medical Emergency Regulatory Center, attended the scene.

The specialized rescue work in confined spaces was quite complicated, so it took more than two hours to extract the five workers, unfortunately, three were taken out dead and two more alive, one of them in serious health, who was taken to a hospital.

The area was cordoned off by municipal and state police, while personnel from the Directorate of Expert Services carried out the expert opinion, in order to accurately determine the causes of the tragic accident, which claimed three lives.

Once the corresponding proceedings were completed, the bodies of the victims were lifted, to be transferred to the Semefo, where the corresponding rigorous autopsy will be applied and the causes of their deaths will be determined.

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Source: informequeretano.com, queretaro.quadratin.com.mx

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