Warning: Chiapas issues Norte alert February 15, 2022


The Norte event in Chiapas causes strong winds and high waves. 

The Civil Protection unit in the state of Chiapas has warned about the Norte event that causes winds with gusts of up to 101.86 km/h with falling trees and waves of 5.48 meters in height.

Civil Protection elements attended to the effects that, together with Cold Front 29, felled trees that collapsed due to strong winds on the Coapilla-Ocotepec road sections and on the Tapalapa crossing in Chiapas.

Authorities carried out the removal of debris left by falling trees due to strong winds.

In addition to the winds, the Norte event causes very high waves that range from 3.65 to 5.48 meters high, so you must be aware of the instructions of the lifeguards, avoid going to the beaches and going into the sea.

What is the Norte event?

The Norte event is a recurring meteorological phenomenon in autumn and winter caused by the incursion of cold air from the North Pole.

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According to the Secretary of the Navy (Semar), this condition will prevail over the region of the Gulf of Tehuantepec with winds from the Northwest of 55.56 to 74.08 km/h with gusts of 92.60 to 101.86 km/h and waves of 3.65 to 5.48 meters, from Salina Cruz, Oaxaca; to Puerto Arista, Chiapas, including the Gulf of Tehuantepec


The authorities have issued recommendations to follow due to the North event in the state.

  • Take extreme precautions for traffic and vehicles on the coastal highway
  • Follow instructions from the Federal Highway Police
  • Attend indications of Civil Protection
  • Follow indications of lifeguards on the beaches
  • Avoid approaching the beaches or going into the sea with a red flag
  • Remove itinerant commerce near the sea and secure fixed commercial establishments on beaches
  • In navigation, take precautionary measures and follow instructions from the port captaincy authorities due to strong winds and high waves.

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