Video: Bus driver goes down to eat on the road and while passengers desperately wait for 25 minutes


He was denounced in a TikTok video that soon went viral

video was posted on TikTok showing a bus driver who decided to eat on the road. The problem was that this caused a delay of up to 25 minutes in the tripcausing the presumed annoyance of the passengers.

The video was shared by the user kyre07_ on TikTok and it did not take long to generate controversy, between those who criticized the driver and those who understood his decision.

The recording shows the bus driver eating at a roadside taco stand. The person recording complains that this has caused a delay in the trip. “The trip can wait, hunger can’t,” he says.

In the video, whoever is capturing the video assures that the other passengers are also desperate because the trip was delayed 25 minutes, although in the description it assures that it was 40.

In the images broadcast on social networks, it can be seen that the driver wears a badge and a uniform from the Estrella Blanca company Not futura.

The recording has been reproduced almost a million times and has more than eight thousand comments, that is, it did not take long to become viral. 

However, many of the Internet users showed empathy towards the driver, assuring that it was better to be late but safe. They also argued that it was better for him to have eaten in order to drive more safely and thus prevent accidents.

@kyre07_ #😡 Nos retrazo mas de 40 minutos el #Viaje #Mexico #Futura #Kyre07 ♬ sonido original – Kyre07

Despite the publication of the video on social networks, the travel bus company has not commented on the matter.

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