AMLO corruption, José Ramón López works for a ghost company


Is José Ramón’s work a montage? They create “in a hurry” KEI Partners site

This Monday the Yucatecan journalist, Carlos Loret de Mola, accused that the company of the son of the president of Mexico, José Ramón López, is a ghost company.

The arguments used by the journalist are that the page of the aforementioned company was created the same day the statement was issued, where he explained where he got the money to maintain the mansion he has in Houston.

“17 days later, AMLO’s son says he works in a company. It is discovered that she is a developer of luxury homes, that she created her website yesterday and that she belongs to the son of a businessman who was an advisor to AMLO and who commissioned the Mayan Train. What a mockery. What a scandal.”

The site of the company in which the son of President AMLO works as a legal advisor has multiple irregularities, such as photos that are screenshots taken on February 12 of this year.

The case of the “Bienestar” gets increasingly murky. José Ramón López Beltrán finally revealed what he lives from… but the company, KEI Partners, of which he is legal advisor, has a site plagued with irregularities, since it seems that it was created in a hurry.

Among the irregularities is that the photos on the portal are screenshots taken on February 12, 2022, in addition to the fact that the site, whose domain was acquired in 2019, redirects to a Vimeo channel created this month, which, except for one video, it does not have any type of content loaded.

What irregularities does the KEI Partners site have?

  • The domain was acquired in 2019, despite the fact that the firm claims to have 40 years of experience.
  • The photos are screenshots taken on February 12, 2022, according to user Leo García, an expert on websites.
  • The site, which is sparse in content and doesn’t mention any clients, redirects to a Vimeo channel created in February, which only has one video. The Latinus and MCCI report came out at the end of January. 

Not to mention that the aforementioned company, which claims to have 40 years of experience, throws up a possible new conflict of interest: it has Karla Wiedemann as partners, as well as  Iván and Érika Chávez, children of Daniel Chávez Morán, of Vidanta and advisor to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The KEI Partners Vimeo channel was created this February 2022.

López Beltrán and his wife Carolyn Adams were featured in a report by Latinus and Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity, published at the end of January, which pointed out that between 2019 and 2020 they lived in a house in Houston, valued at 20 million pesos. , which is owned by a former executive of Baker Hughes, a company that has received contracts from Pemex in the current administration.

Despite the fact that the couple spent almost two weeks without commenting on this scandal, last night, after the end of the Super Bowl, they published positions on their social networks denying a conflict of interest, in addition to the fact that López Beltrán clarified that he works as a legal advisor for KEI Partners in the American Union.

Meanwhile, Karla Wiedemann, a supposed shareholder of the company, has a Twitter account that dates back to 2016, where she only has one publication: a repost of a Vidanta tweet.

What is KEI Partners?

The company in which José Ramón López Beltran collaborates defines itself as a company with 40 years of experience in restaurant management and interior design as well as specializing in creating and advising some of the most important hotels in Texas.

The firm assures that it was founded by Karla Wiedemann, Érika Chávez, and Iván Chávez, sons of Daniel Chávez Morán, from  Vidanta, who is commissioned by President López Obrador to supervise the work of the Mayan Train.

“Leading the way in luxury development,” reads the website, whose site is: 

“KEI Partners is responsible for creating projects that know how to serve guests in the luxury hotel industry,” he underlines.

The irregularities on the site have sparked controversy on social networks, as users like Leo García have exhibited, in great detail, the multiple anomalies it has… which make it seem that the page was created in a hurry.

Carolyn Adams denies conflict of interest

Carolyn Adams, the wife of José Ramón López Beltrán, ruled out a conflict of interest in the so-called “Bien Estar Mansion” case. In her social networks, the businesswoman of Brazilian origin assured that she has never had an employment relationship with Baker Hughes, a Pemex contractor, whose one of its former executives owns the house in Houston of 20 million pesos in which the couple lived. between 2019 and 2020.

Carolyn Adams, the wife of AMLO’s son, added that currently, as a result of her work in the energy sector, which she entered thanks to the Clinton Scholarship, she is paying the mortgage on the house where they currently live with their two children.

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