Yucatan’s Bepensa buys La Madrileña, the main tequila and wine exporter in Mexico


The brands of the Yucatecan firm Bepensa are expanded

Bepensa acquires La Madrileña, an important tequila exporter. 

Without publicly informing the market of the amount of the operation, the Yucatecan company Bepensa bought 100 percent of the main exporter of tequila and wines in the country, so they now control 15 percent of the sale of wines and spirits in the national market. .

The president of Bepensa, José María Casares Cámara, reported that the new acquisition is specialized in the production, packaging, marketing and distribution of more than 200 leading brands in the categories of high and medium alcoholic beverages and wines.

“The purchase of La Madrileña includes its brands, intellectual property, production capacities and human talent, which will be added to the more than 13 thousand collaborators that Bepensa currently has in its 5 business divisions,” he said.

The executive elaborated: “We are sure that we will be able to contribute experience, knowledge and a solid base so that La Madrileña continues its growth, while at the same time we will learn and adapt its best practices to continue leading in the future”.

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Bepensa, to conquer the market 

For his part, Osvaldo Valente, CEO of Bepensa Spirits, added that for the past 6 years this division of the firm of Yucatecan origin has maintained sustained growth with the production and marketing of leading brands in the RTDs and wines market, for which With this acquisition, it is certain that it will continue to increase its value, even more, this year in Mexico.

Bepensa Spirits has a low-alcohol beverage production plant in the city of Querétaro and its brand portfolio includes Caribe Cooler, WooWoo, Ultravioleta, Coolwine, Ederra, Codorníu, Los Pasos, and Séptima, among others.

Currently, its brands are distributed to various countries such as: United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, South Korea, Denmark, and Germany, making it one of the largest importers of wine in Mexico. .

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