‘Closing the Cycle’: a Mexican glass recycling project that seeks to raise environmental awareness

Mexican company turns recycled glass into treasure (Photo: Reuters)

A Mexico City shop is turning trash into treasure…

Cerrando el Ciclo or ‘Closing the Cycle’ is a Mexican project that seeks to raise environmental awareness through its glass recycling process – turning rubbish into items ranging from tumblers to clocks.

Cerrando el Ciclo director Jose Luis Perez tells Reuters the project serves multiple objectives:

“This project has a triple impact. On the economic side, it seeks to generate growth as a company but we also have an environmental impact. All the products at Cerrando el Ciclo, are made from bottles people discard that we then collect and turn into new products. The social part comes from our foundation that is dedicated to training women so they can have this option of self-employment or trade based on recycling.”

In addition to creating their own source of income, employees like Josefina Gonzalez – who has been with the company for 8 years – are sharing new green expertise with their communities.

“You are not aware [of waste quantity] until you enter this factory and say, ‘well, many things can be recycled. You not only understand the benefits of recycling but also of your contribution to the planet.”

According to Mexico’s environmental body Semarnat, of the more than three million tons of glass produced per year in the country, only 12% of it is recycled…

…and Cerrando el Ciclo is looking to change that.

Founded in 2014, the program is aiming to close the gap between glass production and recycling by encouraging residents to donate empty bottles – and helping the environment a little in the process.

Source: Reuters

The Mexico City Post