Musicians, writers, artists, scientists are some of the personalities who visited María Sabina to eat mushrooms.

The ancestral knowledge of María Sabina led her to meet thousands of people.

María Sabina Magdalena García, was a guide, healer, and shaman of the indigenous ethnic group on the journey of the “holy children”, as they call the hallucinogenic mushrooms. She is better known as María Sabina, from Huautla de Jiménez, north of Oaxaca who learned traditional medicine and the properties of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

He rose to fame in the 1950s after his traditional knowledge of the ceremonial and healing use of hallucinogenic mushrooms was spread by Gordon Wasson. Here we leave you a list of different personalities who came to María Sabina to celebrate ceremonies under her guidance, among them.

Walt Disney

They say that thanks to his psychedelic trips with María Sabina he shaped his fantastic universe. There is even a rumor that he ordered the construction of a plane landing strip near Huautla, so that it would be easier to arrive with the healer.

John Lennon 

There are two stories about him. In one, he would have gone to Huautla in the summer of 1969 with George Harrison. María Sabina did not want to reveal herself to them because she was exhausted. So they had to carry out their experience with the shaman Josefina Terán. In another version, Sabina reported that a blond man and an oriental-looking woman arrived with her. The curious thing is that in both versions Lennon lived a bad moment in which he could see his death.

Robert Wasson

María Sabina Magdalena García, had been commissioned to modulate the introspective and sensory journey of Robert Gordon Wasson, writer, mycologist and banker; a key figure in the worldwide viralization of the figure of María Sabina, her location, her healing methods and her portentous gifts.

Albert Hofman

The Swiss chemist and father of LSD visited María Sabina on October 11, 1962, to give her, her daughter and another Mazatec shaman 30 mg of synthetic psilocybin, hoping that the experts would approve his new drug based on this substance.

Roger Heim

This French mycologist was director of the Cryptogrammy Laboratory of the Natural History Museum in Paris, he had a range of fungi in his laboratory, which were sent to Dr. Hofmann and thanks to this he isolated the active ingredients: psilocybin and psilocin. Through his writings, Heim confirms the “powerful personality” of Maria Sabina.

Aldous Huxley

The notes of the writer Aldous Huxley on his experimentation with mescaline and psychloscybin are among the most important that have been revealed in the world. However, from what little is known, Huxley visited Mexico in the 1930s for a purely social purpose, influenced by the theory of his close friend, the writer DH Lawrence. Huxley traveled to Oaxaca and other Central American cities to verify if the solution to the decadent European morality of the time.

Timothy Leary

There are writings that say that in 1961, Dr. Leary went to the Sierra Mazateca, ate sacred mushrooms where he deciphered the “Rosetta stone of consciousness” from the hand of the shaman Sabina and from that day on he insisted on founding a new religion based on the spirituality of the fungi kingdom.

 Fernando Benitez

One of the most sophisticated anthropologists that Mexico has had is that he made several visits to the Mazatec culture, and to his fieldwork at the hands of mushrooms and characters such as María Sabina, among other natives of the region.

Jacobo Grinberg Zylberbaum

This Mexican psychologist visited Huata: “It took me several years to understand and appreciate my experience. María Sabina had shown me one of my emotional refuges, my inability to live in the present and my tendency to flee from reality to shelter myself in a structure of comfort. I thank you for my terrible teaching.”

Carlos Castaneda

Don Juan’s teachings have confirmed that the writer had met SabinaIn 1963, Castaneda attempted to become part of Dr. Leary’s circle of disciples who then met in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. In one of her letters to Leary, Castaneda warned her that this woman “offered me to share some of her secrets with you.”

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