Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux threatens revenge if elected Quintana Roo governor


Militants of Movimiento Naranja spoke against the statements of Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux, a pre-candidate for the Governorship of Quintana Roo, after the actor and businessman assured that he will make a “settlement of accounts” when he assumes the title of Executive Power.

The violations against the rights of children committed by the Governor of Nuevo León and his wife did not deserve the condemnation of anyone within the Citizen Movement. Not even the one who has always been its leader, Dante Delgado Rennauro.

Quite the contrary. A few days after the scandal was unleashed over the use of a minor in the permanent promotional campaign of Samuel García Sepúlveda and Mariana Rodríguez Cantú, the party announced that Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux, described as a sexist and himself exhibited as a privileged son of power, would be his candidate for Governor of Quintana Roo.

But that seemed to change today, albeit in a barely perceptible way. Patricia Mercado Castro, a senator from Delgado’s party, criticized Palazuelos after he threatened to take revenge on those who criticized him once she, she said, “won” the governorship of that state

“It is very serious that Roberto Palazuelos threatens a woman who defended her labor rights with a “settling of scores”. It is inadmissible to threaten to use an eventual power as Governor to take personal revenge,” the legislator wrote on social networks.

Palazuelos argued on Twitter that his statement had been “misrepresented” since it would not violate anyone’s freedom of expression but he has the right “to bring to justice whoever slanders me.”

“It is evident that those who feel threatened by my political participation are trying to discredit me, motivated by the despair of seeing this project grow. Their fear is so great that today they attack my human rights, which do not need a position to enforce them, “said the actor.

In turn, the coordinator of the orange caucus in Congress, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, responded: “I don’t think the problem was that others have ‘distorted’ what you said, Roberto. The problem is saying it while aspiring to lead the destinies of a state. The justice of Quintana Roo must serve to give peace to the people of that state, not to settle scores.”

The National Secretary of Social Movements of the Citizen Movement, Luis Fernández, asked the actor to “write him down on his list” of revenge, since he will vote against his candidacy in the National Electoral Assembly. ” Dear @robpalazuelos, as I said inside and outside the party, you do not represent the values ​​or the ideology of @MovCiudadanoMX “, expressed the militant.

Likewise, he made reference to profiles that best represent the values ​​of the party such as Anayeli Muñoz, candidate for the Government of Aguascalientes, and Martín Vivanco, who will hold for the Mayor’s Office of Durango.


The Palazuelos controversy arose when, in an interview for the TV program, the candidate for Governor of Quintana Roo said that he is “taking note” of those who have “defamed” him and threatened that he will “settle accounts” when he takes possession of the position.

“No dirty war is going to stop me, and all those people who are defaming me, who are doing things, I am pointing, I am pointing and I am taking note, the time will come, when I am the head of the Executive, that we settle accounts ”, he sentenced.

The threats of the candidate of the orange party occurred after he was questioned about the remarks of a former employee, who assured that in the restaurants that the Palazuelos hotels have, the food is recycled by order of the businessman, who accused that it was a “dirty war”.

The businessman recalled that the woman in question sued him eight years ago, although “the trial never prospered” because she was hired through an external company. Palazuelos asserted that the woman “was very injured” and derived from that she made complaints about the sanitary conditions of her restaurants.

The appointment of Palazuelos to represent the orange party in Quintana Roo created divisions within the Citizen Movement, since militants such as Senator Laura Ballesteros; Luis Fernández, National Secretary of Social Movements of the party; and Rodrigo Cordera, a member of the National Council of the political institute, considered that there are better profiles to take their place on the 2022 ballots.


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