Demand for housing in Querétaro guarantees high returns


It has the best return on investment; 60% of those looking for a property in the state are families

Querétaro is one of the cities in the country with the highest real estate potential in profitability, whose profile of those looking for a home in the entity are 60% families, investors 30% and only 7% young people looking for their first home, standing out as the most important return in Mexico of the states where Inmuebles24 generates Index.

“People looking for any property in Querétaro know that they will have a return and a safe investment. The proximity to CDMX and the price in relation to important cities such as Edomex, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Morelia, and León generate a lot of security for assets or investment,” said Arturo García, city manager of Inmuebles24 in Querétaro.

Recent data from the platform indicates that 14.3 years of rent are needed to repay the purchase investment, 2.1% less than a year ago. It stands out that Centro Histórico is the area with the highest return on investment, as well as the Balcones del Acueducto subdivision, it is the most convenient neighborhood for investors looking to rent.

“Demand and the law of supply and demand leave the social interest sector extinct. The most sought-after is horizontal housing, with a value of $1,500,000 pesos to $4,000,000 pesos (houses with more than 200 square meters of construction and approximate land). If we compare With the apartments and homes in CDMX and the metropolitan area, it is more attractive to have a house than an apartment,” García explained.

In his experience, the areas with the highest demand are currently Juriquilla, Zibatá, El Refugio, Mirador and Milenio. In the data retrieved from the Real Estate Index24, the movement of the price per square meter per sale in the homes of four municipalities, which have been united due to the density of the population in Querétaro, is detailed.

“The real estate industry will continue to present higher profitability and capital gain than the rest of the entities. For its offer, growth of the state, and the constant migration of businessmen and families to the entity. The automotive corridor has brought more than 1,600 service providers and assembly plants for this sector alone,” he said.

The pandemic has also hit the real estate sector, and Queretaro has not been the exception; however, at least in terms of profitability, there are several areas that are showing an upturn.

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