Restaurant gang dedicated to stealing from diners detected in Puerto Vallarta


Through videos captured on video surveillance cameras, restaurateurs located a couple who is dedicated to stealing personal belongings from restaurants in the Olas Altas and Versalles areas.

The way they operate, as seen in the footage, is to take advantage of the slightest carelessness of the diners to get hold of handbags, cell phones, among other objects. 

It was Saturday afternoon when neighbors from both areas of the city alerted both the restaurant owners, as well as the authorities of these practices, which once again resurface in the gastronomic guild, so far two people have been identified a woman and a man who apparently communicate through hands-free and are transported in a Versa-type vehicle.


The images also show the two subjects going around the restaurants posing as diners, to possibly detect their victims, mostly foreigners, and sit a few meters away, to later commit the robbery and stealthily leave the restaurant and run away quickly. 

Through social networks, those who have been victims of this gang of criminals have been invited to file their corresponding complaint with the Public Ministry, with the aim of preventing these practices from continuing to damage the heritage of locals such as tourists who visit the city. 

In this regard, the authorities have reported the identification of the gang that since last Friday has been committing robberies in restaurants in the city and there is information on the areas of operation, who are also being tracked.



The Guadalajara Post