Putin compares conflict in Ukraine with US invasion of Mexico when it took Texas


Vladimir Putin exemplified the US invasion of Texas to explain the current conflict on Ukraine’s eastern border.

When asked if he would unconditionally guarantee not to invade Ukraine, Vladimir Putin replied that it is not the Russian Federation that is responsible for giving guarantees on the subject.

The president pointed out that the conflict in  Russia dates back to the fact that the United States government is forcing Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ).

Therefore, Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine of forming an Atlantic Alliance with the United States government to try to intimidate Russia with a military offensive.

“Have we put missiles near the US border?” questioned Vladimir Putin to point out that the United States has put weapons on the border with Russia.

Vladimir Putin:  ‘ Did Mexico and the United States never have territorial problems?’

Vladimir Putin questioned how the US government would feel if Russia installed missiles on its borders.

“Is it an excessive demand not to put more attack systems?” Said the Russian president while detailing how Ukraine was formed has been forgotten.

Later, Vladimir Putin described the US invasion of Texas to once again question whether the government of that country has never had territorial problems with its borders.

“To whom did California and Texas belong?” recalled the Russian president, who pointed out that he considers Ukraine as part of his “identity”.

Finally, Vladimir Putin stated that Ukraine was created by Vladimir Lenin when the Soviet Union was created in the 1922 Creation Treaty as well as the 1924 Constitution, after his death.

For these reasons, the president assures that it is necessary to continue with the security of “a single people” such as Russia and Ukraine.

Source: argumentopolitico.org

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