Police arrest a card cloner in the historic center of Oaxaca


An alleged bank card cloner was arrested by elements of the municipal police in the city of Oaxaca and was referred to the ministerial authority at the request of the offended party.

The report of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, Roads and Civil Protection, indicates that on Saturday when carrying out their patrols the police elements in the outskirts of the banking facilities and shopping centers.

Yesterday morning, while they were at the Banorte ATM, located in the Soriana store on Calzada Madero, they observed that a subject ran out and, noticing their presence, assumed an evasive attitude and headed inside the store. Self-service store.

No description available.

At the same time, they observed that an older adult ran out, who asked them for help upon discovering that the subject who came out first had changed his bank card.

The policemen entered the shopping plaza and in front of an ice cream store, they observed the subject, who was also identified by the affected party as the one who had asked for his card when he was at the cashier.

Seeing himself cornered by the police, the suspect led them inside the self-service store, since he had hidden the cards between some clothes.

Among the secured cards, the offended party located his own, for which he requested the arrest of the person who said his name was RRPL, 54 years old, residing in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office in Mexico City.

The detainee, together with the card of the offended party and four others, were presented before the Municipal Judge and subsequently consigned to the State Attorney General’s Office to determine their legal situation.

1 person detained
5 insured bank cards
54 years old, age of detainee

Source: nvinoticias.com

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