Uber responds to CDMX Mayor: ‘Partners prefer platform flexibility over other benefits’


Uber released the results of a study conducted by Quadrant Strategies according to which 90% of its partners prefer the flexibility that working for this type of platform gives them.

After the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, said yesterday that her administration is working on a bill to grant platform delivery people better-working conditions, Uber released a study by Quadrant Strategies according to which “90% -from their partners- prefer the flexibility that the platforms offer to have total control of their schedules, over other benefits”.

At the conference, Hugo Martínez, director of public policies for Uber in Mexico, explained that the company commissioned “this study to an independent third party -Quadrant Strategies-, both to obtain accurate, reliable and first-hand information and context data on which are the preferences of the partners in our country, as to contribute to the reflection and analysis on the challenges and opportunities that reside in the digital economy in Mexico”.

According to the results of the study presented by Afshin Mohamadi and Karla Rosas, from Quadrant Strategies, another finding of the study is that “85% of drivers and delivery partners of digital platforms in Mexico prefer to be independent workers, as opposed to being employees and being subject to a fixed schedule.

The study was carried out during the last quarter of 2021 to find out the opinion of drivers and delivery partners in Mexico, for which they carried out a quantitative survey that was answered by 1,442 partners in different cities of the country, and focus groups were held.

One of the partners consulted expressed that “driving through the Uber app gives me flexibility, it gives me the freedom to do anything and have time for everything. I organize my time by myself and I choose my schedules, so I am not subject to a boss who tells me what time I have to arrive”.

And another of the partners commented that “if the government decided to make me an employee of the apps, I would look for other applications or options that would allow me to still have the happiness, time and magic that the different platforms offer me to be able to decide when I distribute and control my profits.”

Source: excelsior.com.mx

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