Planning a trip to Mazatlan?


If you are looking for activities to do day or night, the city has a lot of options for all preferences. Start your day with a walk along The Malecon recognized for its length and beautiful views.

The beach is the favorite place for our tourists, a perfect combination of warm sand, refreshing water, and extraordinary landscapes. Build sandcastles, practice aqua sports and if you like photography, here you have the opportunity to shoot the best scenarios.

Mazatlan is a city that offers you fun in the form of many interesting places and recreational activities for the entire family. There is a long list of entertainment places that for sure you are going to enjoy.

Mazatlan offers a great variety of excursions, program activities, and tours inside and outside the city. You can have the perfect combination between beach and rustic style, or even better both of them. What more could you want from a city?

What if I tell you that Mazatlan never sleeps? It is a vibrant city at night. And it is not only for young people, but there are also many places where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your couple or have a good time with your group of friends. It doesn´t matter if you like rock, electronica, reggae, or Latino music, here we have all your preferences.

You arrived at one of the cities in the world with the best food ever, known for quality, taste, and reasonable price. Mazatlan sure offers different options of the best Mexican cuisine for you to indulge the palate. Mazatlan cuisine is not only famous because of its sea food, but Sinaloa also has excellent traditional dishes and exquisite meat cuts.

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