Navy and Army hunt for Cartel “Big Fish” in Puerto Vallarta (video)


During the early hours of this Thursday, a strong operation was registered with personnel from the Ministry of National Defense inside the Marina Vallarta subdivision, where two helicopters were even heard, one of them continues to fly over the area.

The SEDENA elements were supported by National Guard personnel who arrived at a home located on Gaviota Street, where they closed the street from side to side and carried out the operation.

Although the fact has not been officially disclosed, it is presumed that it is a search in search of a big fish, where the military personnel at least secured a BMW truck which was taken to a shelter where it was made available to the police. corresponding authority.

seized truck

It was announced that it was around 4 in the morning that personnel from the Ministry of National Defense arrived at the place where they began the operation, two helicopters were also seen flying over the area, and the mobilization of armored cars from the army, as well as National Guard personnel.

The movement of olive green units was seen as far as the airport, but it was not said if they had managed to capture someone or what the operation was about.

At the scene, elements of SEDENA who were guarding the entrances to Gaviotas Street pointed out that this could not be recorded or captured by orders from superiors, and they also pointed out that they did not have the authorization to report what was happening.

A tow truck emerged from the interior carrying a vehicle from a high-end brand which was taken under official protection.


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