Telenovelas en VIVO, man finds his wife with his “boyfriend” in a combi


Mexico.- An embarrassing moment lived by the passengers of a combi, which was recorded on video and quickly became viral: the meeting of a man with his wife, who apparently traveled with her alleged lover.

The video shows the three in question arguing and was apparently recorded by one of the passengers who was accompanied by his wife. 

It is unknown at the moment in which part of Mexico the events were recorded.

“What a coincidence, they had already told me, but I didn’t believe it, why are you deceiving me? ”, the affected man is heard saying.

It is at that moment that, very determined, the woman’s “boyfriend” -dressed in a blue shirt- confronts her husband and blurts out: “the truth is, we are together, and she has chosen me, what are you asking for? “

Husband begs in front of the lover not to leave him

The husband silences him and the discussion begins to intensify, but from one moment to another he tells his wife that he intends to forgive her, to which she replies that she does not believe him because she thinks that she will claim her later or all her life. Meanwhile, the “boyfriend” continues to mock the husband and tells him not to beg her spouse.

No seas como tu tía: si te mandan este video de un drama amoroso en una  combi, es falso

It is then that the husband tells the wife that the lover is still married and she tells him that she is no longer so sure about continuing with the extramarital affair because he has “told her lies.”

“I’m already doubting you said you had left your wife,” insists the woman.

What happened to the lady in the combi from the viral video?

It’s even possible to hear the person recording the video, saying that he better get off at the next stop because he wants to see how this ends of the husband who found his wife with her lover in the combi ends. 

The men continue arguing for a while longer with threats of blows. At that moment, the wife of the one who recorded this drama tells him that they should get off and not get into trouble, so it is unknown what decision the protagonist of the emotional – and viral – triangle of the moment will have made.

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