Relax on Passion Island, a little-known paradise very close to Cozumel


This island in the Mexican Caribbean surprises with its pristine landscapes and the different activities that people can do there, such as kayaking, resting in a hammock, and an inflatable obstacle park.

In the extreme north of Cozumel,  in the state of Quintana Roo, is a paradise surrounded by white beaches and crystal clear waters called Isla Pasión. It is called like this because legends about Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of love, are told in this place.

They say that if you get married on Isla Pasión you and your partner will love each other for life thanks to the blessing of the goddess Ixchel; That’s why so many weddings are held here today. However, it is not the only reason why this destination in the Mexican Caribbean deserves a visit. 

It is a private island that covers only one kilometer in length. Located just 25 minutes from Cozumel, it offers a beach club and various nature and adventure activities that are perfect to go with your family, friends, or partner. We tell you how to visit it, how much it costs and what you can do. 

Passion Island and its landscapes


One of the surprising things about Isla Pasión is the different natural settings that converge on it. On one side is the Laguna Ciega, a space surrounded by mangroves and a swampy forest. It is said that pirates used to hide their treasures in this lagoon many years ago.
Laguna Ciega is considered to be the natural border that divides Isla Pasión with  Cozumel. Then there is the dwarf forest, which is home to endemic species such as meter-high palm trees. Coral reefs are other attractions on the island.

Where is Isla Pasión and how to get there? 


Less than three hours from the Cancun Hotel Zone and 25 minutes from Cozumel is Isla Pasión. There are several ways to get there.
If you travel from Cancun, you must go to the Playa del Carmen maritime terminal and from there take a ferry (the round trip costs 500 pesos per person) to Cozumel. Once you arrive at the Central Port of Cozumel, take a taxi that will take you to Punta Norte beach.
At Playa Punta Norte you can board a boat that costs approximately 150 pesos, which takes you to Isla Pasión. It is important to clarify that the island does not have places to stay, so it is recommended to visit it early and return in the afternoon.

The basic ticket costs 210 pesos per adult and is valid for three hours, but it is also possible to contract packages that include the round trip, other activities and more time on the island.


What to do on Passion Island

For those who plan to relax to the fullest, the Isla Pasión beach club has hammocks over the water to rest and cool off at the same time, as well as a massage area. If you want a little more activity, there is also a small floating park on the sea that has an inflatable obstacle course. 

On the beach, you can also practice snorkeling, diving (if you are certified), and other water activities. A package to visit the beach club, which includes food, drinks, and round trip transportation, costs 1,580 pesos per adult and 1,480 pesos per child; It lasts 5 hours. 

Get on a jet boat


If you like speed, how would you like to get on board a jet boat? In this fast boat, the driver will make maneuvers and sharp turns so you can experience adrenaline as you head towards the private island. The cost of the all-inclusive experience is 1,980 pesos for adults and children pay 1,700 pesos. 

Kayaking in the Laguna Ciega


One of the unmissable activities on your visit to Isla Pasión is to take a kayak tour through Laguna Ciega. While you are paddling, an expert tells you about the species that live in the mangrove trees, including various birds.
The kayak tour lasts one hour and at the end of the tour, you can go relax on the beach. The cost of the experience is 1,980 pesos per adult and children under 10 pay 1,700 pesos; including food and drinks. 

Drive a 4×4 Jeep and then go to the beach


If you like adventure and adrenaline, the Off-Road Adventure is the right activity for you. The day begins by driving a 4×4 jeep that goes through a dirt road and jungle to reach the North Point of Cozumel, then a boat will wait for you to take you to Passion Island.
On the island, you have the option of being in the beach club where you can lie down in a hammock or a lounger. If you get hungry you can order à la carte food in the restaurant and even a drink. The experience includes the round trip from Cozumel to Isla Pasión, food and drinks, the stay is five hours. The cost of the tour is 1,980 pesos for adults and children pay 1,700 pesos. 


Isla Pasión
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